Asiointiohjeet koontisivun ingressi

Visiting instructions

Visiting the pharmacy

The electronic prescription is accepted in all pharmacies, and it can never get lost. You can get your medicines with your Kela card, and the prescription can also be renewed at the pharmacy.

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Visiting the doctor

The electronic prescription makes little difference to seeing the doctor. Instead of a prescription, you will receive a patient instruction sheet and information about the electronic prescription system and its benefits.

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Acting on behalf of someone else

Someone else can also act on your behalf. Persons representing you must prove by e.g.

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Electronic prescriptions and travelling abroad: See here for useful information. Information for persons planning to travel abroad

Information for persons planning to travel abroad

Patient rights

Patients must be informed about the electronic prescription in advance. They can also enquire about the situation with a prescription sent for renewal.

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Minors’ rights

Minors' rights vary depending on their age and the place being visited.

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Patient consents

Consents are patients' means of influencing how their information is used and giving permission to another person or party to act on their behalf.

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Fault situations

If the Kanta Services are being serviced or there is a fault, no action is required from the citizen. More details of such eventualities under ‘Fault situations'.

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