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Prescription at the pharmacy

The prescription makes pharmacy personnel's work easier.

More about the prescription at the pharmacy

Client account

Material related to Kanta client accounts and issues such as invoicing. More about client accounts

More about client accounts

Audited systems and agents

Patient and pharmacy systems must be audited before they can operate Kanta Services.

View audited systems and agents

My Kanta pages

My Kanta pages is citizens' personal service where they for example can view their prescriptions.

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Professional card

All healthcare professionals have a personal professional card, used to identify them when accessing Kanta Services.

More about the professional card

Patient rights

Patients have various rights in relation to the prescription and patient records. Find out about them in this section.

More about patient rights

Use and control of information

The law specifies precisely who can use the information in the Kanta Services, and for what purpose.

More about the use and control of information