Luotain is a web browser-based user interface for the use of healthcare services. A healthcare professional uses Luotain to enter information that a citizen has been informed of the national information system services. In addition, information about refusals issued by the citizen with regard to extensive sharing of patient data is also entered with Luotain.

A healthcare service provider can use Luotain if the patient data system it is using does not support the recording of informing clients and clients’ refusals in the Kanta Services as a result of the reform of the Client Data Act

The use of Luotain in social welfare services will be specified at a later date.

The Client Data Act is currently being considered in parliament. The committees are putting forward amendments to the law.

What can I do with Luotain?

Luotain will be published for the use of healthcare service providers after the new Client Data Act has been adopted. 

With Luotain, you can

  • check whether a client has been informed of the national information system services in social welfare and healthcare
  • enter that the information has been provided
  • print out the contents of the informing for the client 
  • check at the client’s request whether an extensive refusal to share the client’s patient data has been set
  • at the client’s request, set a permission to retrieve patient data in an emergency in spite of refusals
  • set an extensive refusal to share a client’s patient data at the client’s request
  • after the Client Data Act has entered into force, print out for the client the details of set refusals to share data

Refusals to share patient data with respect to a controller or service event are set with the patient data system in use.

Refusals to share prescription data cannot be processed with Luotain.

Deployment of Luotain

Service providers who are already using the Kanta Services can start using Luotain without a separate deployment. The service providers grant access rights to the service for their own staff. 

A professional identifies themselves to Luotain with the aid of the service and the mandates for transactions. The service provider must grant a mandate for transactions for its users processing informing of clients and refusals to share data in order to use Luotain in the service management. 

An exception to this is a self-employed person using the Kanta Services who can use Luotain him/herself without a separate mandate for transactions.

Further information about the use of Luotain and the mandates for transactions is available on the Finnish and English pages.

Use is free of charge

The use of Luotain is not subject to a charge. The principles of determining the fees and the amount of fees charged for the use of the Kanta Services are provided each year in the decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Further information

Last updated 01.04.2021