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26/10/2018, Blog - System developers

How is data security ensured in the use of Kanta Services?

The social welfare and healthcare service providers take care of appropriate data security practices by self-monitoring their data protection and data security. Certification ensures that the information systems in use meet the data security requirements with respect to system suppliers.

19/10/2018, Blog

Imaging studies for nationwide use

Healthcare providers can now deploy the Archive of Imaging Data for archiving imaging studies created in patient care. What does the deployment of the service require? 

05/10/2018, Blog - System developers

Old patient data can be archived in Kanta Services

Healthcare services can transfer old electronic patient data into the Archive of Old Patient Data, which is part of Kela’s Kanta Services, and dispense with the maintenance of an ageing information system.

25/06/2018, Blog - Citizens

Where in My Kanta Pages can I see my laboratory test results?

Laboratory test results can be viewed in My Kanta Pages. Healthcare units that use Kanta Services must record test results in the Patient Data Repository, and citizens can view this data via My Kanta Pages. However, sometimes the data is not visible or it is difficult to find. Sari Ahonen, Customer Relations Manager for My Kanta Pages, answers questions concerning laboratory test results.

17/04/2018, Blog - Citizens

What do the Kanta Services contain?

What Kanta Services are there and who can use them? If you know Prescriptions, Patient Data Repository and My Kanta Pages, you have a good idea of the Kanta Services.

18/08/2017, Blog - Professionals

Towards free movement of patient data

Thanks to the health, social services and regional government reform (SOTE), citizens can choose between public or private healthcare services. The Patient Data Repository in the Kanta project serves all customers.