Example cases

Example cases

Esimerkkejä nuorista asioimassa terveydenhuollossa ja Omakannassa.

Siiri visiting the school healthcare service

Ninth-grader Siiri, 16, and Leo, who is in her parallel class, have been dating for six months. Siiri visits the school nurse to discuss contraception. 

The nurse has assessed that Siiri is capable of deciding for her contraception herself. Siiri can then choose whether the details concerning the appointment where contraception was discussed will be visible to her parents in My Kanta Pages. After giving it some thought, Siiri has come to the decision that she doesn’t want her parents to see the details.

Siiri suffers from asthma, for which she has medication. Despite this, she had an asthma attack during PE class. Due to the asthma attack, Siiri has an appointment with the school doctor and the situation calms down. The doctor assesses that also in this situation Siiri is capable of deciding on her care independently. 

Siiri can therefore decide whether the details are visible to her parents in My Kanta Pages. As her parents have always accompanied Siiri to follow-up appointments related to the treatment of asthma, Siiri decides that her parents can see the appointment data and the prescriptions for asthma medication renewed by the doctor. 

Otto’s orthodontic treatment

Otto, 10, lives with his aunt who is his guardian. Otto is starting orthodontic treatment, which is due to last for several years. Otto will have his first orthodontist’s appointment at the nearby dental clinic on his own during the school day. 

The dentist assesses that Otto’s guardian should know about the care plan and that Otto cannot decide for himself about his long-term care. For this reason, the dental clinic will phone Otto’s aunt to discuss the care plan. In addition, the details of Otto’s orthodontic treatment will be visible in his guardian’s My Kanta Pages.

Vaccination for Kalle and Linnea

All fifth and sixth graders in Finland are offered the human papilloma (HPV) vaccine. Fifth-graders Kalle and his cousin Linnea live in different towns. Both have had the vaccine in school healthcare service during the health check for fifth graders, accompanied by a parent. However, only Kalle’s parents will see the vaccination data in My Kanta Pages. 

The new practice where the parents or guardians have an opportunity to see the child’s data in My Kanta Pages will be deployed in phases in different locations and care facilities. Therefore, Linnea’s vaccination data will not be visible to her parents in My Kanta Pages. The information about the vaccination is visible to Kalle and Linnea themselves in My Kanta Pages.

Last updated 1.10.2020