How can I have a say in the use of my data?

How can I have a say in the use of my data?

You can decide for yourself to which extent your data saved in Kanta can be used between various service providers or, for example, when someone acts on your behalf in a pharmacy.

You can manage the use of your data by issuing a consent to data sharing or by setting up denials of consents to data sharing.

Consent to data sharing and consent 

With consent to data sharing, you allow the sharing of your patient data entered in the Kanta Services between service providers attending to your care. Without the consent to data sharing, your data can only be used by the healthcare service provider who has recorded it.

The consent you have previously given, enabling data sharing between various healthcare service providers, automatically changed into consent to data sharing.

Further information about consents to sharing patient data and the use of your prescription data is available in the subpages of this page.

Denials of consent

You can limit the use of your data entered in Kanta if you set up denials of consent to sharing your data. 

The denial of consent can be set up to apply to

  • the use of your patient data
  • the use of your prescription data.

A parent or guardian or another legal representative may issue refusals on behalf of a minor in the health service.

Further information about denials of consent is available in the subpage of this page.

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Last updated 25.04.2022