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04/05/2017, Notice - Professionals

Updated online school for the Patient Data Repository

The online school for Kanta services aimed at social and health care professionals has been updated. The entity of Patient Data Repository was completed for the online school in addition to the previously updated sections Prescription and Safe use of information. The Patient Data Repository section consists of four different themes. It takes about 5–10 minutes to complete each section.

02/03/2017, Notice - Citizens

Lifelong digi-learning – including seniors

New services and smart technology are introduced constantly. Life expectancy is also still increasing, so senior citizens will continue to have plenty to learn.

28/09/2016, Notice - Professionals

The latest Kanta service is ready: Kelain can now be used to issue electronic prescriptions

Kelain is Kela’s online prescription service, which permits issuing and processing of electronic prescriptions. It is designed for doctors and dentists who do not have access to a patient records database or other similar service for producing electronic prescriptions. At the first phase, Kelain is deployed for the private use of doctors and dentists, along with self-employed professionals.