Do you suspect your records have been misused?

Do you suspect your records have been misused?

If you have suspicions that your records have been misused, you can ask the register controller for details of the persons who have handled and viewed your records.

In most cases, showing the unit that handled your records in My Kanta Pages is sufficient, if you recognise your visit to a certain healthcare unit or pharmacy on a certain date.

Investigating the handling of medical records

If you want to investigate how your treatment records have been handled in the health service, contact the healthcare unit (e.g. health centre), the data handling of which you want to investigate.

You can ask the healthcare unit for

  • a report on the reasons for your records being used
  • if necessary, log data of the professionals who have handled and viewed your medical records.

The actual medical records, i.e. details of the patient's treatment, are entered in the healthcare service providers' own patient registers. Kela is unable to supply this information, but this is up to the healthcare service providers.

Investigating the handling of prescription details

If you want to check who has viewed your prescription details in the social welfare and healthcare services, you can submit a log data request on prescription details to Kela.

Log data on prescription details are available from Kela for a maximum of the past two years.

Suspected misuse of prescription details at a pharmacy abroad

If you suspect that your prescription details have been misused at a pharmacy in another European country, request an investigation by contacting the Kela registry:

  • Postal address: Kela, Kirjaamo, PL 450, 00056 Kela
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 020 634 7710

Whom should I contact in a case of suspected misuse?

You should contact the data protection manager of the organisation in which you suspect the misuse happened.

Social and healthcare service organisations and pharmacies must have data protection managers. They are the organisation's internal experts, who

  • monitor that data protection rules are observed throughout the organisation
  • oversee the handling of personal data
  • help to comply with the data protection regulations
  • report any weaknesses discovered.

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Last updated 09.10.2020