Where can I see my electronic prescriptions?                 

  • Log into the service at
  • Select Reseptit (prescriptions) from the left-hand menu. If you have been issued with electronic prescriptions, they are shown on this page.
  • Please contact the Kanta services technical support: (telephone 020 634 7787), if you have problems with logging in or using My Kanta Pages.
  • If you do not use My Kanta Pages, you can ask for a summary of your electronic prescriptions from the pharmacy or healthcare unit.

How do I use electronic prescriptions?  

  • When healthcare professionals prescribe a drug for you, they issue an electronic prescription. It is entered in the Prescription Centre. You receive a paper patient instruction sheet showing the names and dosage instructions of the medicines prescribed to you.
  • The staff at the pharmacy access the Prescription Centre to look up the medicines you have been prescribed and dispense your drugs.  Showing your patient instruction sheet speeds up the process. If you do not have the patient instruction sheet with you, you can get your medicines e.g. by showing your Kela card.
  • More information on this topic on the front page under Visiting instructions.

Where and how can I get a summary of my electronic prescriptions?

  • You can print off a summary from My Kanta Pages.
  • You can also ask for a summary at the healthcare unit or pharmacy, e.g. when buying your medicines.
  • The summary shows all your electronic prescriptions, the drug quantity remaining, and the expiry date of the prescription.

How can I renew or repeat an electronic prescription?                            

  • You can ask for your electronic prescription to be renewed at your own healthcare unit.
  • You can also ask for a repeat prescription at the pharmacy. The pharmacy can send the repeat request to healthcare units that accept them. Not all healthcare units accept repeat requests.
  • During 2015, a function will be added to My Kanta Pages to allow the renewal of electronic prescriptions in My Kanta Pages.

How do I know that my prescription has been renewed?                         

  • When you ask for your electronic prescription to be renewed, you will be notified of the renewal by text message, if you have left your phone number for this purpose.
  • The renewed prescription is shown in My Kanta Pages.
  • You can also ask about the matter at the pharmacy or healthcare unit.
  • If your repeat request is denied, you will be notified by text message, if you have left your phone number for this purpose. If you have not consented to a text message notification, the healthcare unit will notify you by another means.

How can I get a text message notification of a renewed prescription?

  • A text message notification about a renewed prescription is sent to the client, if it is a case of renewing an electronic prescription and the client has given his or her phone number for this purpose.
  • When a paper prescription is changed into an electronic one, for example, this is a case of issuing a new prescription, not a renewal, from the prescription service's viewpoint. No text message notification is sent to the client for issuing a new prescription.
  • The phone number is entered on renewal requests at the healthcare unit or pharmacy when processing the request. If the mobile phone number is not entered on the renewal request or it is entered incorrectly, the client will receive no text message.

Why have I received text messages about renewed medicines that are not mine?    

  • The notification about electronic prescription renewals is sent to the number the client has given at the time of making the renewal request at a healthcare unit or pharmacy.
  • If you have received a text message that is not yours, the wrong phone number has accidentally been entered on the renewal request. This is regrettable, but the content of the message is such that no personal details of the client are ever revealed.

What documentation do I need to take when going abroad?                  

  • The documents you need depend on whether or not you are travelling to the Schengen countries, as well as the destination country's legal and customs requirements.
  • There is more detailed information in the section Visiting instructions. See Prescriptions with you when travelling abroad.

Who has the right to view my electronic information?   

  • In treatment situations, the doctors treating you have the right to view the prescriptions they have themselves issued to the patient in the Prescription Centre, complete with dispensing details, without the patient's express consent.
  • In emergency treatment situations (Section 8, Act on the Status and Rights of Patients), the doctor treating you has the right to view your prescriptions, complete with dispensing details, without the patient's consent.
  • In other cases, the doctor or nurse giving the treatment needs either a verbal or written consent from the patient, depending on the case, in order to view the patient's details in the Prescription Centre. A verbal consent to view all details held in the Prescription Centre may be requested from the patient in a number of ways either at the clinic or surgery, by phone, or through a reliable electronic service channel.
  • At the pharmacy, pharmacists with or without an MSc (Pharm) [proviisori] can view your electronic prescriptions when you collect your medicines from the pharmacy.
  • No-one can view other people's details of their own accord or out of curiosity. If this does happen, the viewer is always caught. This is because each person logs into the system with their personal IDs, and every time the details in the Prescription Centre are viewed, it leaves a trace.
  • More information on data security at the bottom of the front page under Data protection and security.

How can I prevent a prescription from showing in healthcare units and pharmacies?

  • You can refuse to have your prescriptions seen by pharmacies and healthcare units by refusing consent to the disclosure of information at a healthcare unit or in My Kanta Pages under the Consents and Refusals section. Despite the refusal, the person who has issued the prescription will be able to see the information on the prescription.
  • In the Suostumukset ja kiellot section of the My Kanta pages you can refuse permission for pharmacies and healthcare providers to view your prescriptions. The healthcare professional who wrote the prescription will continue to be able to view the prescription. If a doctor is writing you a prescription for a narcotic or a medicine that mainly affects the central nervous system, they will see any other similar medication prescribed for you even if you have refused permission to view your information.
  • If you refuse permission to view your prescription, you will need at the pharmacy a patient instruction or summary sheet about the medicine in question. The pharmacy cannot dispense the medicine without it.

Acting on behalf of someone else

Can someone else look after my prescriptions on my behalf?                 

  • When you visit the doctor, you are given a patient instruction sheet, a printed paper showing the medicines the doctor has prescribed to you. In practice, the patient instruction sheet replaces the present paper prescription, when visiting the pharmacy. Someone else can get your medicines from the pharmacy on your behalf, as long has they have your patient instruction sheet and/or Kela card with them. If using just the Kela card, the person collecting your medicines must know the details of the medicine. This way, they can prove their right to collect your medicines.
  • Acting on behalf of another person is not possible when collecting medicines on an electronic prescription from a pharmacy in another European country.
  • All other matters relating to the electronic prescription require a written consent signed by you. With a written consent, another person may
    • ask for your overall medication regimen to be reviewed
    • request a summary of the medicines you use
    • ask for an electronic prescription to be cancelled when you no longer need the medicine
    • ask for a prescription to be renewed.
  • Consent forms are available from all public healthcare units, private healthcare units using electronic prescriptions, pharmacies, and Kela offices.
  • More instructions in Acting on behalf of someone else.

I am authorised to act on someone's behalf. Can I view my principal's prescriptions in My Kanta Pages?                    

  • You cannot view another person's details in My Kanta Pages, even if you are their guardian or trustee.
  • To look after someone's financial affairs, the bank gives guardians or trustees bank IDs, so that they log in using their own IDs, but have user rights to the principal's account/s. Thus, as guardian or trustee, you log into each service using your own IDs, and therefore cannot view your principal's medical records in My Kanta Pages.
  • If you are authorised to look after matters relating to a person's health, you should contact the healthcare unit or pharmacy direct, and they can provide you with a summary of your principal's prescriptions. A guardian or trustee authorised to look after the principal's financial affairs alone is not entitled to obtain the patient's records from the Prescription Centre.

Can I see my under-aged child's prescriptions in My Kanta Pages?        

  • The parent or guardian can view the prescription details and medical records of children under 10 in My Kanta Pages. The parent or guardian sees details created from 1 August 2016.
  • A parent can ask the pharmacy or healthcare unit for a summary of an under-aged child's electronic prescriptions.
  • Additional information in Minor's rights.

Last updated 22.01.2019