List of applications for Kanta Personal Health Record

List of applications for Kanta Personal Health Record

The list of applications includes the wellbeing applications aimed at citizens and approved in the joint testing for Kanta Personal Health Record.


  • Application: Omapolku
  • Description of the application: Omapolku is a personal digital service channel available on Terveyskylä.fi. Users can link personal monitoring devices registered with Omapolku, such as activity and weight monitors, with Kanta PHR.
  • Wellbeing data: daily activity, daily steps, body weight
  • Contact details of the application supplier: Helsinki University Hospital HUH. Paciuksenkatu 25, 00290 Helsinki. Tel. 09 4711.
  • Contact and feedback: Terveyskylä.fi Omapolku feedback
  • Date: 25.10.2018

  • Application: DigitalWells
  • Description of the application: The DigitalWells application allows young elderly who are taking part in the DigitalWells program to store data in the Kanta Personal Health Record and receive reports about their physical activity.
  • Wellbeing data: Exercise tracking and physical activity
  • Contact details of the application supplier: Ab Oy IAMSR - Institute for Advanced Management Systems Research. Juhana Herttuan Puistokatu 21, 20100 Turku.
  • Contact and feedback:
  • Date: 16.3.2020

Last updated 16.03.2020