My Kanta Pages - general

My Kanta Pages - general

Logging in and security

How do I sign/log into My Kanta Pages?  

  • Logging into My Kanta Pages is from the My Kanta Pages tab on the page
  • You can log into My Kanta Pages using your bank IDs, mobile certificate, electronic ID card (HST card) or with a social and health care professional card or organisation card issued by the Population Register Centre.

I can't log in, what is the problem?            

  • If the problem occurs at the ID stage, before you have entered My Kanta Pages, the problem may be with the identification service. The identification for My Kanta Pages is provided by the VETUMA ID service. You can contact Public Service Info (, tel. 0295 000) about problems with this.
  • Please check that you have selected the correct method of identification (e.g. the correct bank).
  • If the problem occurs when giving ID information (e.g. bank IDs), the problem may be related to the IDs. The service provider in question is responsible for its IDs.
  • My Kanta Pages may be experiencing a service break, when the service is not available. Try logging in again a little later.

How do I log out of My Kanta Pages?       

  • Leave the service by selecting the ‘Kirjaudu ulos' [Log out] link, which is in the top right-hand corner of My Kanta Pages. Always log out after using the service.
  • Remember to clear the cache memory and page history and close all browser windows.

How do I use My Kanta Pages securely on a shared-access computer, e.g. in the library?                     

  • If you use My Kanta Pages on a shared-access computer, you should be particularly careful.
  • Always end viewing by clicking the Log out link.
  • Remember also to clear the cache memory and page history before you close the browser or stop using the computer.  Clearing the cache memory and page history ensures that anyone using the computer later cannot get to see your information by using the Back function.
  • You should also close all the browser windows.

Viewing information in My Kanta Pages

What information can I see in My Kanta Pages?               

  • Electronic prescriptions
    • Electronic prescriptions show in My Kanta Pages after you have been issued with them. Electronic prescriptions are shown in My Kanta Pages for 2.5 years from the date they were issued.
    • You can see all the electronic prescriptions entered in the Prescription Centre, their drug purchases, and which organisations have handled your prescription information.
    • You can print off a summary of your electronic prescriptions from the service. This summary printout is the same as the summary available from the pharmacy.
  • Medical records
    • For the time being, you can see in My Kanta Pages
      • details related to information, your consents and refusals of disclosure
      • details of your visits
      • patient records
      • summarised texts of treatment periods
      • diagnoses
      • critical risk information
      • laboratory referrals and results and reports from X-ray investigations, if the organisation enters this information in the Patient Data Repository.
    • The information is entered in the Patient Data Repository and shown in My Kanta Pages after the healthcare unit that treated you has deployed the Patient Data Repository.
    • The archiving of patient data is expanding in stages, so that all your treatment details are not yet necessarily shown in My Kanta Pages.
  • Consents and refusals
    • In the Suostumus ja kiellot section of My Kanta Pages, you can view and manage the consents and refusals relating to your medical records.
    • You can also confirm the information on the use of medical records in the service.

When do my records start to show in My Kanta Pages?

  • Your prescription details show in My Kanta Pages once you have been issued with an electronic prescription. Medical records appear in the service when the healthcare unit that treated you has joined the Patient Data Repository and started entering medical records in it.
  • The deployments of electronic prescriptions and Patient Data Repository progress in stages in public and private healthcare units.
  • All public healthcare units are already using electronic prescriptions.

Why are my details not shown in My Kanta Pages?         

  • If you cannot see your details, the reason may be one of the following:
    • The healthcare unit that treated you has not yet deployed the electronic prescription and/or the national Patient Data Repository.
      • Public healthcare services are already using electronic prescriptions.
    • The healthcare unit that treated you does not, for the time being, enter all the information in its patient records system into the Patient Data Repository.  Details that are not entered are not shown in My Kanta Pages.
    • The patient records system used by the organisation has deliberately set a delay on test results being filed and their showing in My Kanta Pages.
    • The entry made by the doctor or other healthcare professional is not yet completed, which is why the data is not yet recorded in the Patient Data Repository or shown in My Kanta Pages.
    • You do not have any electronic prescriptions.
    • Your prescription was issued more than 2.5 years ago. Electronic prescriptions show in My Kanta Pages for 2.5 years from their issue date. After this, they pass into the Prescription Archive and are no longer shown in My Kanta Pages.
    • Your medical records have not been entered into the Patient Data Repository.
    • You have not visited the healthcare unit after it joined the Patient Data Repository.

How can I stop my details being shown in My Kanta Pages?                     

  • Patients have no statutory right to refuse having their details entered in the Patient Data Repository or their showing in My Kanta Pages. When a healthcare service provider has deployed the Patient Data Repository, it is obliged to enter patients' medical records in it. My Kanta Pages shows the details after they have been entered in the Patient Data Repository at the healthcare unit.
  • It is possible to stop prescription details from showing in My Kanta Pages by refusing electronic prescriptions, which the patient has a statutory right to do. You can still opt for a paper prescription until 31 December 2016. However, this does not apply to PKV and narcotics prescriptions, which must be issued electronically as from 1 November 2015. The details of these are sent to the Prescription Centre and shown in My Kanta Pages.  Details of paper prescriptions are not shown in My Kanta Pages. It should be noted, however, that the details of the medication are in any case entered in the medical records, which are shown in My Kanta Pages, if the service provider has joined the Patient Data Repository.

We are using shared online bank IDs. Why are only one person's details shown in My Kanta Pages?                         

  • In My Kanta Pages, you can only view your own details and those of a child under 10 in your care.
  • You cannot view the details of both persons using shared bank IDs, only those of the person whose personal ID code is linked to the bank IDs. The other person must get their own bank IDs.

Using My Kanta Pages on behalf of minors 

How do I see my under-aged child's details in My Kanta Pages?          

  • Parents can view the details of children under 10 in their care in My Kanta Pages. Parents or guardians can access the child’s details by logging into My Kanta Pages with their own IDs and selecting the link ‘Lapsen tiedot’ [Child’s details] at the top of the page.
  • A parent can ask the pharmacy for a summary of an under-aged child's electronic prescriptions. As for medical records, the parent should contact the relevant healthcare unit.
  • Additional information in Acting on behalf of a minor.
  • Notice: The contents of a shared care or control order are not yet recorded in the Population Information System in such a format that the information systems would be able to check the contents of the order e.g. information about division of tasks between parents or other guardians).  For that reason, parents or other guardians with a note recorded in the Population Information System that the care of their child is shared are currently not able to act on the child’s behalf.

Who can access My Kanta Pages?

  • My Kanta Pages may be accessed by anyone with a Finnish ID code and means of logging in (bank IDs, an electronic ID card or mobile certificate).

On what ground are minors permitted to access My Kanta Pages?

  • Under the Act on the Electronic Processing of Client Data in Social and Health Care Services, the records of under-aged patients are available through My Kanta Pages also to the minors themselves.
  • Logging into the service is only possible if the minor has been granted the means of strong electronic identification, such as the online IDs used by banks. There is no set age limit to accessing the service.

Why do parents and carers only see the records of children under 10 in My Kanta Pages?

  • The functions for acting on behalf of others are deployed in stages. During stage one, parents or carers may only act on behalf of their child under the age of 10. It is a case of under-aged patients’ right to decide on their treatment and on showing the records on their health status and treatment to the parent or carer. Minors who, in terms of their age and developmental level, are sufficiently mature to understand the meaning of treatment solutions may decide on their treatment themselves and also refuse to allow the carer access to their records.
  • In the case of under-10s, situations where medical records are not shown to parents and carers are rare, and they are manageable through the data systems used by the health services. Showing the records of over-10s requires changes to the Kanta services and healthcare data processing systems. 

Why can’t I view my 15-year-old child’s records?

  • For the present, My Kanta Pages allow parents and carers access to the records of children under 10. Showing the records of over-10s requires changes to the Kanta services and healthcare data processing systems. The changes concern implementation of minors’ rights to self-determination and their option of preventing the records relating to their treatment being shown to parents and carers in My Kanta Pages. 

Using My Kanta Pages on behalf of adults

I need to act on behalf of a family member in My Kanta Pages. How can I see also their details?    

Renewing a prescription

How do I send a prescription renewal request in My Kanta Pages?    

  • What to do
    • Select ‘Electronic prescriptions'.
    • Click on the link ‘Renewing prescriptions'.
    • Select the prescriptions you want to renew.
    • Click ‘Continue'.
    • Select the recipient of the renewal request.
    • If you wish, you can give your phone number. You can also give the doctor permission to view your other prescription details before renewing your prescription.
    • Click ‘Send'.
  • You receive a confirmation that your renewal request was sent.

How do I know when the prescription has been renewed?                   

  • Processing a prescription renewal request can take up to 8 days.
  • If you leave your phone number when making the renewal request, you will receive a text message to inform you when it is renewed.
  • You can also monitor the renewal status in My Kanta Pages under the prescription details:
    • Select the page 'Electronic prescriptions'.
    • In the prescription list, click the link of the prescription to be renewed.
    • Read the renewal status information at the top of the prescription.
  • If the renewal request has been approved, you will see the new prescription in the list on the page ‘Electronic prescriptions'.

Which prescriptions can I renew?            

  • You can ask for renewal for a prescription 
    • from which you have already bought medicine
    • that was issued no more than 16 months ago.
  • The doctor will not necessarily renew the prescription, if
    • it is for a preparation taken as a course, e.g. an antibiotic or cough medicine, with which it is necessary to examine the patient before prescribing
    • the effectiveness and safety of the medicine in the patient's treatment has not been assessed in the past 16 months
    • the original prescription was issued elsewhere, and the healthcare unit does not have sufficient information on the patient's treatment
  • Prescription renewal cannot be requested through My Kanta Pages, if
    • the prescription is under a renewal ban
    • the prescription has been cancelled
    • the prescription is for a unit-dose dispensed drug
    • a renewal request for the prescription is already pending
    • an earlier renewal request for the prescription was refused
    • the prescription was issued for purchase abroad.
  • Such prescriptions do not appear on the selection list at all.

Which healthcare unit will renew my prescription?       

  • Prescriptions are primarily renewed at the unit treating you, e.g. a health centre you have previously visited.
  • My Kanta Pages suggests that your repeat request is received by the healthcare unit or operator that issued the prescription. My Kanta Pages makes the suggestion, if the operator receives electronic prescription renewal requests.
  • If My Kanta Pages does not suggest a recipient for the renewal request, you can select one yourself from the list. Remember that the renewal request must be sent to the unit that is responsible for your treatment.
  • Note that not all units receive renewal requests. Those units cannot be selected on My Kanta Pages.


How can I correct my records shown in My Kanta Pages?                       

  • My Kanta pages does not have its own data store, but the service shows medical records entered by the healthcare unit into the Kanta services.
  • To amend incorrect information, you should contact the healthcare unit or pharmacy that entered the details. Kela does not make amendments or corrections.

Why are my details shown in a different language from the one I have selected?    

  • The contents of prescriptions and patient documentation are always shown in the language in which they were written.
  • The service language options can be changed, but it only applies to the service itself, such as headings.

Can I see in My Kanta Pages who has viewed my details?                       

  • Electronic prescriptions
    • You can see in My Kanta Pages, which healthcare unit or pharmacy has handled your prescription details. If necessary, you can request a report on the usage of your information from the healthcare unit or pharmacy that has handled your details.
    • On request, Kela will provide information on who has handled and viewed your prescription details in the Prescription Centre. The request is always made in writing. There is a standard request form available from pharmacies and Kela offices, as well as healthcare units that have adopted the electronic prescription. The form cannot be printed off the internet.
  • Medical records
    • In My Kanta Pages, you can see to which healthcare unit your details have been passed. By sending a written log data request, you can also obtain details of persons who have viewed and handled your medical records. A log data request should be addressed to the unit to which medical records have been passed from the archive.

Can I print off a prescription or medical records from the service?      

  • From My Kanta Pages, you can print off a summary of your electronic prescriptions, and in addition, the details shown on the screen may be printed using the browser print function.
  • However, prescription details printed off My Kanta Pages cannot be used as prescriptions, nor can printed medical records be used as an original patient document.

Why is the service not working?               

  • Check that your data communication connection is working, e.g. by seeing if you can access other internet services. Kela is not responsible for the availability, performance or functioning of data communication connections or for their effect on the service. In fault situations, technical experts are alerted, and they try to locate and fix the fault as soon as possible.
  • My Kanta Pages may experience unannounced service breaks.
  • The contact address for technical problems is

Where do I find further information on My Kanta Pages?                       

Where can I send feedback on the service?                     

  • If the problem is an error in the prescription or something else related to the prescription content, please contact the healthcare unit that issued the prescription.
  • If the problem is with your medical records shown in My Kanta Pages, please contact the healthcare unit that treated you.
  • Questions on My Kanta Pages and feedback on the service may be sent by using the 'Feedback and ask us' form.
  • Feedback can also be sent direct to:
  • Customer questions related to technical problems (e.g. problems logging into the service) should be sent to:

What is the cost of calling a Kanta service number?      

  • A call to a Kela service number is charged:
    • when calling from a fixed network at the standard local network rate (pvm)
    • when calling from a mobile phone at the standard mobile rate (mpm)
    • when calling from abroad at the relevant foreign call rate.
    • The charges are determined by the caller's operator price lists. Kela pays the extra cost of the 020 number. If you use a talk package, you should check with your operator whether 020 calls are included.

Is there a charge for using My Kanta Pages?                    

  • My Kanta Pages is a free service for citizens.
  • The ID methods may be subject to a charge, and their pricing is decided by the certificate providers, i.e. the Population Register Centre and the banks.

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