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10/10/2019, Notice is still Finland’s third most highly valued online brand

According to a study on online brands conducted by Taloustutkimus, is still Finland’s third most highly valued online brand. increased its valuation index, bypassing even Google. The user satisfaction index also grew compared with last year.

26/09/2019, Blog - Professionals

Kanta Services arouse interest abroad

The Kela Kanta Services are unique worldwide, and they are arousing interest also outside Finland. International cooperation opens up new opportunities for developing digital health services.

10/09/2019, Maintenance notice

Updates to Kanta Services

Updates to Kanta Services carried out on 17–18 September at 11pm–2am.

30/08/2019, Notice

Dissertation: Pharmacy customers are satisfied with electronic prescriptions

Pharmacist Elina Lämsä’s doctoral dissertation “Pharmacy customers’ experiences with electronic prescriptions – A survey during the nationwide implementation” is publicly examined at the University of Eastern Finland August 30th. The dissertation demonstrates that the introduction of electronic prescriptions has been successful from the perspective of pharmacy customers.

29/08/2019, Notice - Professionals

Usability of My Kanta Pages improved

Several usability improvements have been made in My Kanta Pages on 29 August. Parents are invited to give a consent to access the medical records under the child's records, and users can now see additional information on eye and vision care in their Medical Records section.