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29/08/2019, Notice - Professionals

Usability of My Kanta Pages improved

Several usability improvements have been made in My Kanta Pages on 29 August. Parents are invited to give a consent to access the medical records under the child's records, and users can now see additional information on eye and vision care in their Medical Records section.

08/07/2019, Notice

Kanta Services take part in Silver Economy Forum

The international Silver Economy Forum will be held at the Finlandia Hall on 9–10 July. The event focuses on the changes resulting from an ageing population in society and economy.

04/07/2019, Blog

Number of users of My Kanta Pages by municipality

About half of the total adult population in Finland have used the My Kanta Pages service. In 2018, the service was accessed by more than two million people, and just under a quarter of them (23%) live in the Helsinki region.