Deployment of Medical Certificates and Reports

Deployment of Medical Certificates and Reports

The healthcare organisation can start recording medical certificates and reports in the Patient Data Repository once the patient data system used by the organisation is technically ready to record the certificate or report in question in a certain structured format.

When the patient data system is used for recording a certain medical certificate or report in the Patient Data Repository for the first time, Kela requires that the healthcare organisation carries out a deployment test with the help of the system supplier. When the next organisation using the same system deploys the same medical certificate or report or its sharing, it is equally advisable to carry out the deployment test. 

The organisation reports the successfully completed deployment test to Kela’s Kanta Services. 

Kela continues to provide centralised support and guidance to the organisations deploying the service. Kela, e.g. organises training and produces support material. 

More detailed instructions on the deployment of the Medical Certificates and Reports are available in Finnish.

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Last updated 18.01.2022