Deployment of Medical Certificates and Reports

Deployment of Medical Certificates and Reports

The usage of medical certificates or reports requires that the healthcare service provider has joined the Patient Data Repository. In addition, the patient information system used by the service provider must support the storage and potential transmission of the certificate or statement.

Electronic certificates and reports in healthcare can be stored in the Patient Data Repository. At the customer's request, their data can also be utilised outside the healthcare sector. More information about the functionality:

Deployment process

  1. The healthcare service provider first determines with its system supplier whether it is possible to implement the functionality in the information system.
  2. The service provider checks with its system provider whether a new access point needs to be opened during commissioning.
  3. The service provider registers for deployment to receive Kela's national support using the registration form for an extension of usage.
  • There is no need to register for the deployment if the healthcare service provider receives all support for the deployment from its system provider.
  1. If necessary, the service provider will conduct a commissioning test before use.
  2. New operating models must be deployed and users trained when certificates and reports are stored in Kanta in the organisation.

More detailed instructions on the deployment of the Medical Certificates and Reports are available in Finnish and Swedish.

Further information

Last updated 3.10.2023