Deployment phase 

Deployment phase 

The deployment of the Kanta Services is possible when the organisation has the technical and administrative preparedness to deploy the service and its operation fulfils the requirements of the law. 

The deployment process of the Kanta Services progresses in phases. The duration and contents of the process depend essentially on the initial preparedness of the organisation deploying the service and the fact whether the service is deployed with an information system that has already been certified. When the deployment process is carried out with a certified system, it will take about 3–6 months, depending on the initial situation of the organisation. If the system is not certified, it is recommended to reserve at least one year for the process. 

Support for the deployment 

There is support and guidance available for the deployment of the Kanta Services. The deployments are implemented annually in three nationally scheduled periods.  Social welfare and healthcare organisations are given support, e.g. at the preparatory meeting for the deployment and during operating model and operating method training. These will be scheduled according to the deployment periods.  The language of the events is Finnish. 

When the organisation has decided on the timing of the deployment of the Kanta Services, the organisation shall register for the deployment period in question.Kela administers the registrations for the deployment periods. 

The organisation needs to have joined the Kanta Services as a client before the service can be started. The client account is created in connection with the first service deployment, at which time the client commits to the client account and undertakes to comply with the general terms of supply of the Kanta Services. 

More detailed information about the deployment of the Kanta Services is available in Finnish and Swedish. 

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Last updated 09.06.2021