Registration for deployment 

Registration for deployment 

This page contains information about registering for the deployment of the Kanta Services.

When a service provider has decided to deploy the Kanta Services or a functionality, they shall

  • register for deployment
  • become acquainted with the deployment materials and service-specific instructions
  • start the use of the service or functionality within one year of registering.

The registration is constantly open, and therefore the service provider can register for deployment at a time they deem suitable. The registration forms list the Kanta services and functionalities to be expanded that can be deployed at that time.

Please check that you are using the correct form for registration. The deployment registration forms are separate   

  • for those deploying the three core services (Patient Data Repository, client data archive for social welfare services, and the Prescription service)
  • for those expanding the use.

Registration forms

The registration forms for deployment of Kanta core service and for extending the use of Kanta service are available in Finnish and Swedish.

Who shall register for deployment?

The service provider shall register for deployment when they are

  • in the process of deploying a core service of the Kanta Services
  • expanding the use of a Kanta service into extra service or functionality or new data content
  • considerably expanding the use of the service, for example, so that the information system profile changes (only applies to social welfare services).

A service provider expanding the use of the Patient Data Repository or the Prescription service need not register for deployment if they receive all deployment support from their system supplier. Further information is available on Instructions for extension of use page.

Last updated 30.12.2021