Deployment tasks

Deployment tasks

Start the deployment project by planning the work and by identifying the current situation of client documents in the organisation. 

Review and plan the project

It is advisable to plan the deployment project with care and in cooperation with the information system supplier. The planning and implementation of the project will be easier when you review the material that supports the deployment processes. Reviewing and maintaining data are key tasks throughout the project.

For support in project implementation, it is worth drawing up the following: 

  • a project plan
  • a training plan
  • a communication plan.

Evaluation of the current situation in document management

At the beginning of the deployment process, the organisation should evaluate how the social welfare services are organised and which kinds of documents are created in the services at any given time. 

Preparation of document management

Processing of client data in social welfare services and joining the Kanta Services require controlled and supervised processing of data.

The organisation must draw up and update the following plans concerning the processing of data and make sure that the operations comply with the plans:

  • information security and data protection self-monitoring plan
  • a filing plan (AMS) and an information management plan (TOS)
  • incident and emergency action plan.

Take part in preparation event and training

In the deployment measures, the organisations are supported by Kela and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. The deployment process and the key tasks required in the deployment are presented in the preparation events organised in separate waves. The organisation will be invited to the preparation event once it has registered itself for a deployment wave of its choice.

More detailed instructions on launching the deployment project are available in Finnish and Swedish as the service is only available in these languages.

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