Kelain users and commissioning

Kelain users and commissioning

For private use by a physician and for independent professional practitioners.

For private use by a physician

Kelain is a good alternative for private use by a doctor or dentist when they are not employed by the healthcare service or a private practitioner.

  • Kelain is taken into use by registering as a user. The registration takes place the first time you use it.

For independent professional practitioners

The easy-to-use Kelain is an excellent tool for independent professional practitioners. You must first join the Kanta services. Please note that the use of the Kelain service is chargeable for independent professional practitioners.

  • Join the Kanta services as client in Extranet. You will need Katso IDs. More detailed instructions on joining are available in the Client account section.
  • If you are an existing client of Kanta services, log into Extranet and add Kelain to the systems you use.
  • Register into Kelain the first time you use it.


If a doctor issues an electronic prescription on the basis of their professional practice rights without the purpose of profit, there is no charge for using Kelain.

If a doctor issues an electronic prescription as a self-employed practitioner, the monthly fee for Kelain is €120. Invoicing is based on full calendar months.

The fee is payable even if no prescriptions are issued during the invoice period.

The tariffs and amounts of the charges will be determined annually by a Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM) Decree. 

Other similar data system services, open to all social and healthcare service providers, are also available to private practitioners.

Last updated 11.06.2018