Kelain users and commissioning

Kelain users and commissioning

For private use by a physician

Kelain is a good alternative for private use by a doctor or dentist when they are not employed by the healthcare service or a private practitioner.

  • Kelain is taken into use by registering as a user. The registration takes place the first time you use it.

For independent professional practitioners

The use of Kelain by an independent professional practitioner ended on 31 December 2018.

Charges 2019

When a doctor issues a prescription on the basis of their professional practice rights without the purpose of profit, there is no charge for using Kelain. Kelain service may only be used for the purpose of issuing occasional electronic prescriptions without the purpose of profit.

The tariffs and amounts of the charges will be determined annually by a Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM) Decree. 

Other similar data system services, open to all social and healthcare service providers, are also available to private practitioners.

Last updated 08.04.2019

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