National medication list

National medication list

The national medication list makes it easier for citizens and professionals to monitor up-to-date medication.

The national medication list means an electronic, up-to-date list of medication used by a person who has a Finnish personal identity code.

The national project is directed by Kela. The project will achieve functional definitions and functionalities for the Kanta Services in order to implement a national medication list in the Prescription Centre in stages.

The project is carried out in cooperation with the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea. Users of the medication list as well as system suppliers will also be included in the development work.

Benefits of the medication list

The medication list is based on nationwide information system services for searching, recording and storing patient data in accordance with common principles.

In future, all medication data is to be stored in a centralised way in the Prescription Centre, which is accessed by the persons and operators that are part of the pharmacotherapy process. Citizens can see this data in My Kanta Pages.

The medication list makes it possible to create a list of a person’s total medication in the Prescription Centre. The list shows all medicines in use at once and up to date. As a result,

  • healthcare professionals and pharmacies will save time when the list to be reviewed is shorter and the correct prescriptions are found more swiftly
  • it is easier for citizens to gain an understanding of the medication they are using
  • information is logged with regard to medication reviews and assessments 
  • structured dosage provides a better basis for studying the effectiveness of drug treatments
  • structured dosage enables building of various support systems for decision-making
  • the safety of pharmacotherapy is improved when the patient’s total medication is clear
  • the medication list does not require separate maintenance by healthcare professionals. It is updated whenever structured medication data is recorded in the Prescription Centre.


The definitions of the first implementation entity of the national medication list were published in March 2020. The most significant reforms include structured dosage and the new data in the Pharmaceutical Database, such as availability data, data on biosimilars, and structured addendums to prescriptions.

THL published the concept of information management in pharmacotherapy in June 2020, and the next phase towards a medication list for outpatient care will be launched after the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has decided on the development of the medication list.

Development cooperation

We are developing a national medication list for the use of citizens and professionals. You are able to contribute to the creation of the national medication list by taking part in its development. Cooperation is important with those who will be using the national medication list in their everyday work.

If you are interested in taking part in the development, for example, by commenting on the definitions, please submit your contact details through the following link:

Your contact details will be handled in accordance with the EU’s data protection regulation and they will not be used for any other purposes than those described above.

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