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09/10/2017, Notice

Finns are interested in digital healthcare services

According to a survey commissioned by the Association of Finnish Pharmacies, the Finnish Medical Association and the Pharmaceutical Information Centre, e-prescriptions and My Kanta Pages have become established as part of the healthcare services.

19/09/2017, Notice

Kanta - a database for all citizens

Kanta services are being developed into a database for all citizens. In future, client data from social welfare services will also be included in the service in addition to citizens’ health data. The services will become easier to use as the information is available regardless of the time or the place. This may also improve the quality of care.

18/07/2017, Notice - Professionals

It is worthwhile to join the Kanta services

In My Kanta Pages, citizens can view their medical data recorded by public healthcare providers and increasingly also by private healthcare operators. At the same time, the quality of patient care improves when patient data recorded in the Kanta services can be utilised by different medical units.

11/07/2017, Notice - Professionals awarded as the best mobile service for health and well-being in SuomiAreena

The best Finnish mobile services were awarded in SuomiAreena in Pori. was the winner of the category for health and well-being services. According to the panel of judges, providing access to the citizens’ health data on a one-stop shop principle acts as a basis for new healthcare service concepts and supports their development. Due to its mobile scalability, it is also more efficient to use the service.

02/03/2017, Notice - Citizens

Lifelong digi-learning – including seniors

New services and smart technology are introduced constantly. Life expectancy is also still increasing, so senior citizens will continue to have plenty to learn.

28/09/2016, Notice - Professionals

The latest Kanta service is ready: Kelain can now be used to issue electronic prescriptions

Kelain is Kela’s online prescription service, which permits issuing and processing of electronic prescriptions. It is designed for doctors and dentists who do not have access to a patient records database or other similar service for producing electronic prescriptions. At the first phase, Kelain is deployed for the private use of doctors and dentists, along with self-employed professionals.

14/06/2016, Notice easier to use

The website can now be easily accessed also with a tablet and mobile phone. The site content is modified to suit whichever device is being used. The RSS feed has also been improved.