Preparation for deployment

Preparation for deployment

Deployment of the client data archive for social welfare services is voluntary for both public and private social welfare organisations.

The deployment is the responsibility of the controller who must have valid licences or notifications required for acting as a social welfare service provider. The service is deployed by a service provider or a private social welfare service provider who has a contract with the client concerning the provision of the service in question and the client bears the cost of the service.

To enable a smooth deployment of the service within the organisation, it is worth launching the planning and preparation process in good time. The deployment process will take an estimated 6 months depending on the initial situation in the organisation. THL directs the organisations in the preparation of the deployment of the Kanta Services especially in terms of changes related to the functioning of the service.

Organisations related to the Kanta Services are very different with respect to their size and technical capacities. Kela describes the general models for joining the Kanta Services, but it does not regulate in detail the organisation’s technical implementation of joining the service.

The technical joining models direct the organisation in the acquisition of certificates and data communications. Every model has recommendations and requirements for data communication and message exchange connections. The supplier of the client data system may also have requirements for the equipment used. The service provider that deploys the client data archive for social welfare services is responsible for using a client data system compliant with the regulations.

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Last updated 19.11.2019