Extension of use

Extension of use

The benefits gained from the use of the Kanta Services will increase, the more rapidly the service provider can extend their use to new information contents or functionalities. System suppliers and national organisations also support service providers in the extensions.

When a social welfare or healthcare service provider, who is already using the Kanta Services, starts to archive new data contents or deploys new services or functionalities, it is called an extension of use.

Usually the extension of the use of a service to new functionalities or services requires that a certain Kanta service is already in use by the service provider. For example, starting the archiving of imaging data requires that the deployment of the Patient Data Repository has already been carried out.

System capacity

A social welfare or healthcare organisation can extend the use of the Kanta Services as and when new data contents and functionalities become available for deployment in the systems.

Data contents and functionalities are developed and implemented by both the Kanta Services and the suppliers of patient and client information systems.

Further information about the development schedules is available in the publication schedule of the Kanta Services. The system supplier will provide up-to-date information about the development of the functionality with respect to each information system.

When a certain service or functionality is ready for deployment in both the Kanta Services and in the system used by the service provider, the social welfare or healthcare service provider can start to prepare for the extension of use.

Extension of use of the Patient Data Repository

The Patient Data Repository has e.g. the following services, functionalities or data contents available for deployment, which can currently be used for extending the use of the service:

  • Archiving of imaging data
  • Archiving and sharing of medical certificates and reports
  • Archiving of old patient data
  • Outsourcing authorisation
  • Acting on behalf of someone (also in the Prescription service).

Further information about the above-mentioned functionalities is available in the Services and Use and the Deployments sections.

Extension of use of the client data archive for social welfare services

In the client data archive for social welfare services, it is a matter of extending the use when the organisation starts to enter documents of a new client group in addition to archiving that is already being carried out. The client data archive in social welfare services contains the following document groups:

  • old documents
  • phase 1 documents
  • phase 2 documents.

The use of the client data archive in social welfare services can be started, e.g. with the archiving of old client documents, after which the archiving can be extended to new client documents related to the functionalities in phase 1.

Currently, the use of functionalities in phase 2 can be extended in part only. The functionalities involve interdependences, which are described in the interdependence table for part implementations (XLS).

The selected information system profile also affects which functionalities one can start utilising. Further information is available, e.g. in the presentation New information system profiles in social welfare services (PDF).

The tasks related to the extension of use are described in the first tab of the table that gathers together the deployment tasks of the client data archive for social welfare services (xls).

Preparations for the extension of use

The service provider plans and prepares the extension in cooperation with the system supplier. The service provider must ensure that the necessary measures will be taken into account and implemented.

System certification and self-monitoring plan

A system that a service provider uses for deploying a new service, functionality or data content must be Kanta-certified, and the new part to be deployed must have passed joint testing in the system in question.

The system supplier can confirm whether the system has the necessary preparedness in place. The situation with regard to the certification of information systems of various services and functions can also be checked on the page Situation of joint testing.

The service provider must also take care of updating the self-monitoring plan with respect to the sections required by the change.

Notifying of changes in client data

If the extension of use effects changes in the service provider’s contact details or technical data, the changes must be notified to the Kanta Services well in advance before deployment.

NOTE! Social welfare organisations shall also notify in Ekstranet the changes in

  • the information system profile
  • the document groups to be entered
  • the service tasks.

Registration for the deployment phase of the Patient Data Repository

When the service provider has made a decision on the timing of the extension of use of the Patient Data Repository, it shall register for a deployment phase suitable for the time if the new functionality to be deployed is included in the contents of the deployment phase in question.

When the service provider registers for the phase, it will receive centralised support and guidance for the deployment of the functionalities. The phase also includes operating model training, in which, e.g.

  • the functional changes in the organisation required for the expansion of use and the matters to be taken into account are explained
  • guidelines in the recording of patient data are provided.

The page Registration for the deployment phase contains further information about the deployment phase, also stating which services and functionalities are included in the deployment phase, i.e. which of the functionalities have centralised guidance available. The registration link is also found on this page.

If a functionality is not included in the deployment phase, please see separate instructions for the deployment of the functionality on the functionality subpage in the Deployments section.

Registering for the deployment phase of the client data archive for social welfare services

With respect to the client data archive for social welfare services, registration for the deployment phases is not normally necessary in connection with extensions of use. Changes in the information system profile, the document groups to be entered and the service tasks are notified in Kanta Ekstranet.

However, organisations that are extending the use of the client data archive for social welfare services to a significant degree, for example, so that the information system profile changes, can register themselves for the deployment wave (for the deployment phase) if they so wish.

Deployment test and reporting

A deployment test is usually carried out in connection with the extension of use in order to ensure problem-free deployment of production use. Deployment tests are not carried out with respect to all extensions. More detailed information about deployment and the related requirements with respect to each function is available in the Deployments section.

The deployment test is carried out in the production environment of the Kanta Services using the test IDs issued to the system suppliers by Kela. These test IDs are provided only for the purpose of carrying out the deployment tests.

The deployment tests are always reported to Kela as soon as possible after a successfully completed test. When a test is successfully completed, the service provider can start entering new data contents or using a new functionality.

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