The delivery of medical certificates to Kela

The delivery of medical certificates to Kela

The delivery of medical certificates to Kela is part of the service entity where certificates and reports issued by healthcare professionals are created in the patient data system, recorded in the Patient Data Repository and forwarded with the Kanta services on to Kela for benefit processing.

The following certificates and reports can be forwarded to Kela:

  • Medical certificate A SV 6 for sickness allowance
  • Medical report B SV 7 (coming in spring 2018)
  • Medical certificate D SV 10 for special care allowance for a child
  • Medical report SV 97 on the need for special maternity leave
  • Certificate SV 75 on pregnancy or postnatal examination
  • Certificate SV 67 for compensation for travel expenses

Sharing a certificate with an operator outside the healthcare services via the national information system service requires a specific consent by the client in each situation. The recipient of the consent must record this information as part of the shared document or its description data.

Delivery of certificates and reports is developed in stages

The obligation to archive certificates and reports in the national Patient Data Repository is prescribed in section four of the Annex to the stagewise decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (1257/2015). The development plan regarding certificates and reports in accordance with the stagewise decree is presented in the publication schedule of the Kanta services.

In future, the service of delivering healthcare certificates to Kela will be part of the Patient Data Repository service, and therefore the deployment of the service in healthcare services will change from the following description.

The service can be deployed in healthcare services once the healthcare provider has

  • joined the Patient Data Repository
  • submitted an application to Kela (application form is available in Kanta Extranet)
  • received an acceptance notification from Kela as a user of the service
  • carried out the deployment test (separate deployment test on every certificate) and reported it to Kela.

The service can be taken into use immediately after a successful deployment test.

Service description

Operating models

Meeting for the preparation of deployment

Deployment test

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Last updated 22.11.2018