Questions frequently asked by young people

Äiti ja tytär tutkivat Kanta-palvelujen hyvinvointitietoja

Questions frequently asked by young people

Read young people’s questions and answers related to MyKanta.

Here are some answers concerning MyKanta. Some changes will be made in MyKanta, after which your parents or guardians will also be able to view your data in MyKanta. However, this will not be possible until the healthcare unit where you have your appointments has deployed this feature. 

You can ask your healthcare unit whether they have already carried out the change.

MyKanta is a web service where you can browse your own health data and prescriptions. Health data includes, e.g. entries on your medical appointments, vaccination data, and laboratory test results.

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The Kanta Services are a common set of digital services in use nationwide in Finland.

You will receive good health care and social welfare services if professionals have access to comprehensive information about you. For this reason, your prescriptions, patient data and client data are stored in the Kanta Services.

Kanta Services makes it easier for the professionals providing your care to share your data. You can access your data on the MyKanta.

You can log in to MyKanta if you have a Finnish personal identity code and means of identification. These include:

  • online banking codes
  • mobile ID
  • electronic identity card.

You can ask your parent or guardian for help in acquiring means of identification. Check with your own bank at which age you can get online banking codes.

In MyKanta, you can view

  • your prescriptions
  • entries related to your medical care
  • your vaccinations
  • your laboratory test and X-ray results
  • which healthcare units or pharmacies have processed your prescription or health data via the Kanta Services.

If you are under 18 and a parent or guardian of a child, you have the same rights to act on behalf of your child as a parent or guardian who is over 18.

Every service provider that cares for you, e.g. a wellbeing services county, will have their own registers in which your data are stored. Health and social services professionals can access the data in their local registers through their client or patient information system. They cannot access your data through MyKanta.

Professionals are only allowed to access your data in connection with care given to you, and only to such an extent as is needed for providing the care.

If you or your guardian have given consent to data sharing, then the professional providing you with care may access information about you recorded elsewhere. This may be the case if you move to another wellbeing services county, for instance to study, or if you use both public and private services.

Consent to data sharing must be given separately for health care and for social welfare services.

Read more about the use of data in health care and social welfare services.

As a person under 18, you cannot

  • acknowledge information
  • give your consent
  • set refusals
  • register as an organ donor or issue a living will.

The decision-making capability is assessed face to face during every appointment and, as a result, you cannot access some of the functions in MyKanta.

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As a minor, you can

  • view prescriptions and health data that have been recorded in the Kanta Service as from 1 August 2016
  • request a repeat prescription.

In order to log in to MyKanta, you need a Finnish personal identity code and means of identification, for example, online banking codes.

You can view your own data in MyKanta. Your guardian can also access your data if:

  • you have been considered incapable of making your own decisions, or
  • you have been considered capable of making your own decisions but you have also granted your guardian(s) access to your data.

In most cases, guardians will have access to the data of children under the age of 10. For access to the data of children aged 10 and above, please see the examples given.

Your teacher or your team coach, for instance, cannot access your data.

A health care professional (doctor, nurse, etc.) will enter the details of your appointment in the patient information system, where they will be transferred to MyKanta. Even health care professionals cannot access your data through MyKanta; they can only do so using the patient information system that they use at work.

No, you can’t hide your data yourself in MyKanta.

The decision on disclosing the data to the parents or guardians is taken in connection with the appointment. Healthcare services will enter it in the patient data system.

You can check from the healthcare unit where you had your appointment whether the data concerning the appointment in question has been disclosed to your parents. A function where you can check from the appointment data whether the data has been disclosed to parents or guardians will be introduced in MyKanta at a later date.

Old data that has been entered in MyKanta before the change now taking place and after you turned 10 will not be shown to your parents or guardians. In MyKanta, with respect to old data, only data that has been entered before your 10th birthday is shown to the parent or guardian (as from 1 August 2016).

If your data is visible in your parent’s or guardian’s MyKanta, your nurse or doctor has assessed in connection with the health check that you are not mature enough to decide on your care.

The assessment of the decision-making capability is affected, for example, by

  • the reason for your appointment
  • your age and development stage.

If both of your parents are your guardians, you are not able to hide data from one parent only.

If a healthcare professional assesses you as capable of making decisions, you can decide yourself whether your data is visible to your parents or guardians. In that case, you can refuse the viewing of your data to both of your parents if you so wish.

A parent or guardian will not be able to view any of your data in MyKanta after you have turned 18.

As an adult, you can grant another adult, for example, your parent or other close relative, a mandate to act on your behalf in MyKanta. This may be useful, for example, in the event of you falling ill or otherwise being incapable of acting in MyKanta.

If you grant a mandate to another adult, they will be able to see all your health data. This also applies to the data that you have previously forbidden to be viewed by your parent or guardian when you were a minor capable of making your own decisions. However, another adult cannot view on your behalf your organ donation testament, living will or wellbeing data entered in MyKanta.

Further information about this subject is available on the page concerning acting on behalf of an adult.

Your parent or guardian can request a repeat prescription in MyKanta if your parent or guardian can view the prescription data and

  • medicine has already previously been purchased with the prescription
  • the prescription is not out of date
  • the prescription is not under a renewal ban.

Your nurse is obliged to draw up a patient record concerning your appointment. You will be able to view the entry in your MyKanta.

If your nurse assesses that you are mature enough to decide and understand the matter that you are discussing, your entry will not be shown to your parents or guardians in MyKanta if you so wish.

Please note that you are not able to edit or delete your data in MyKanta.

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