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17/09/2018, Notice - Developers

Workshop on ICT solutions for freedom of choice on 26 September

Are you preparing the health and social services reform at the county level? Are you interested in the enterprise architecture of ICT systems for freedom of choice? Do you need information about launch processes in the pilots for direct-choice services?

25/06/2018, Blog - Professionals

Where in My Kanta Pages can I see my laboratory test results?

Laboratory test results can be viewed in My Kanta Pages. Healthcare units that use Kanta Services must record test results in the Patient Data Repository, and citizens can view this data via My Kanta Pages. However, sometimes the data is not visible or it is difficult to find. Sari Ahonen, Customer Relations Manager for My Kanta Pages, answers questions concerning laboratory test results.

20/06/2018, Notice

My Kanta Pages updated – performs better on mobile devices

My Kanta Pages get a new look and it has been developed to improve accessibility to mobile users. My Kanta pages is being developed by listening to the users. The features are improved on the basis of customer feedback, the client panel, and user surveys. My Kanta pages aims to be an easy-to-use service for everyone to access their personal data in healthcare services.

11/06/2018, Notice

Kanta gets a new look and a new website

The Kanta Services has got a new look. The website has also been published with a new improved look and structure. Kanta connects citizens and social and healthcare professionals to the same source of information.

22/05/2018, Blog - Professionals

New Kanta Services to be available soon

Kanta Services are constantly developed, and new services will be introduced and existing ones will be expanded in the future.

17/05/2018, Notice - Professionals

Kela to deliver nationwide information management services for pilots trialling clients’ freedom of choice

Clients’ greater freedom to choose their provider of health and social services will be trialled in a series of pilot projects which to be launched later this year. Kela is building a number of service portals needed for the pilots. In addition, Kela will coordinate reimbursements to the health and social services centres and transmit payments from service organisers in the pilot regions to individual service providers.

17/04/2018, Blog - Professionals

What do the Kanta Services contain?

What Kanta Services are there and who can use them? If you know Prescriptions, Patient Data Repository and My Kanta Pages, you have a good idea of the Kanta Services.