Kanta client test service

Kanta client test service

The Kanta client test service is meant for the suppliers of information systems to be connected to Kanta and for the organisations and pharmacies acting as their client testers. The Kanta client test service is not meant for training purposes for system suppliers.

System suppliers that have joined the Kanta client test service, as well as their client test organisations are able to test the functionalities of their systems against the production-type Prescription Centre, client data archive for social welfare services, Patient Data Repository, patient data management service and imaging materials archive before the information system is certified at a later product development stage. Joint testing of the systems also takes place in the Kanta client test service.

A separate client test environment is used in the Kanta PHR service, and it is used in the approval testing of applications to be integrated with the service. Instructions for the approval testing for PHR.

Display of data in My Kanta Pages

The documents in My Kanta Pages show how the data recorded in the client test will be displayed in My Kanta Pages.

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Joint testing of the systems   

Joint testing is systematic testing of Kanta service functionalities between the Kanta client test service and the patient data, client data or pharmacy systems to verify interoperability. Joint testing is also part of the certification of patient and pharmacy systems, the passing of which is a requirement to start production use of the systems.

Kela draws up the testing schedules for the systems, plans the test cases to be performed and coordinates and supervises the progress of testing. The testers of each system are the information system manufacturer and the client organisation designated by the manufacturer.

Taking part in the joint testing requires that the system has passed the pre-determined tests and the system supplier agrees to implement joint testing in accordance with the joint schedule and plan.

Contact details

The Kanta services provides further information about joining the client test service at: kanta@kanta.fi.

Registration for joint testing and other questions in relation to joint testing: yhteistestaus@kanta.fi

Last updated 19.02.2019