Ordering brochures

Ordering brochures

Pharmacies and healthcare units can order brochure Kanta – information to citizens in Finnish and Swedish free of charge directly from the printers.

We will renew the Kanta brochure during the spring of 2021.

We will submit the orders received so far when the new brochure is completed.

The brochures can be ordered in Finnish and Swedish using this form.

In English, Russian, Estonian, Arabic, Somali, Sorani, Inari Sami, Skolt Sami and Northern Sami brochures can be printed out from the Materials Bank.

The subscription and address details of the service are forwarded to the handler who will use them for managing the agreed tasks, i.e. the collection, addressing and mailing of deliveries. The subscription register is removed automatically 90 days after arrival.

Last updated 29.03.2021