Utilisation of data from Kanta Services

Utilisation of data from Kanta Services

Social welfare and healthcare professionals may use data stored in Kanta Services as needed in connection with treatment or a service. With the help of the Kanta Services, information is transferred in a data-secure and usable format, both between professionals and from professionals to citizens. With the help of Kanta, information is also transferred from citizens to professionals.

Over the past five years, the number of patient data searches in the Kanta Services has increased tenfold. On average, healthcare professionals use Kanta Services to retrieve patient data from another organisation 5 million times a month. They carried out 9 million searches of their organisation’s own register per month.

Figure 1 shows how many medical records have been retrieved over the past five years. Figure 2 shows how the number of searches has changed in the last 12 months. The different types of data search are broken down into searches of the organisation’s own register, searches of another organisation’s register, and emergency searches.

During 2023, it will gradually become possible to search social welfare client data using Kanta. Statistics on the utilisation of social welfare data will be added to the page later.

Figure 1. The number of searches has increased over the past five years. The increase of searches of an organisation’s own register has varied. In contrast, the number of searches of another organisation’s register has increased steadily. Most searches for data are carried out in an organisation’s own register. There are significantly fewer emergency searches being made.
Figure 2. Over the previous 12 months, the number of searches has varied from month to month. The number of searches was lowest in April and July and highest in August and November. The trend is downward.
Purpose of searches

Professionals in the wellbeing services counties search their own register for information when viewing the data of the residents of the wellbeing services county at a health centre in connection with treatment.

Private and public healthcare providers search for data in another organisation’s registers when they carry out a search in each other’s registers or in another wellbeing services county.

An emergency search can be carried out if required to treat the client in an emergency.

Last updated 8.8.2023