Terminology explained

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Terminology explained

The page contains frequently used terminology in the Kanta Services.

Decision-making capability

Decision-making capability means that the young person is able to decide on issues related to their health alone, without the help of a parent or guardian. The decision-making capability is always assessed by a doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional. 

The assessment is made separately during every appointment, because the issues to be dealt with or information about the situation may change between visits.

Healthcare professional

A healthcare professional means, for example, a doctor, dentist, nurse, school nurse, and psychologist.

Kanta Services

My Kanta Pages is part of the Kanta Services entity. In My Kanta Pages, you can view your own health data. The Kanta Services also include web services that are used only by healthcare professionals. For example, a doctor can use the Kanta Services to send a prescription electronically to a pharmacy for the patient.  

My Kanta Pages

My Kanta Pages is a web service where you can view your own health data and prescriptions. Whenever you visit the healthcare services, the information related to your appointment will be shown in My Kanta Pages. Only you, the healthcare professionals attending to your care and, in certain cases, your parents or guardians can see the data in My Kanta Pages.

Parent or guardian

A parent or guardian refers to a person or persons who are responsible for the care of a minor. In the majority of cases, this is the child’s parent or parents, but another person may also have been appointed as your guardian.

The task of a parent or guardian is to ensure that the child grows up in a safe environment and to raise the child securing their balanced growth and well-being. A parent or guardian also has the right and obligation to be involved in making decisions concerning the child. 


In this context, a prescription means a prescription for medicine issued by a doctor, dentist or nurse. Several medicines are only available at a pharmacy on prescription. A prescription includes patient instructions concerning the use of the medicine.

Renewal of prescriptions

A prescription has been issued for a certain amount of medicines and is valid for a certain period, usually 2 years, during which the patient can obtain the medicine stated on the prescription from a pharmacy either all at once or in instalments.

After all of the prescribed medicines have been collected from the pharmacy or the validity of the prescription has expired, you can ask a doctor to issue a repeat prescription. The doctor will assess whether there is a need for using the medicine or for issuing a repeat prescription.

Last updated 21.10.2020