Vaccination for Kalle and Linnea

Kolme nuorta kävelee ulkona

Vaccination for Kalle and Linnea

Fifth-term pupils Kalle and Linnea will have the HPV vaccination.

All fifth and sixth graders in Finland are offered the human papilloma (HPV) vaccine. Fifth-graders Kalle and his cousin Linnea live in different towns. Both have had the vaccine in school healthcare service during the health check for fifth graders, accompanied by a parent. However, only Kalle’s parents will see the vaccination data in MyKanta. 

The new practice where the parents or guardians have an opportunity to see the child’s data in MyKanta will be deployed in phases in different locations and care facilities. Therefore, Linnea’s vaccination data will not be visible to her parents in MyKanta. The information about the vaccination is visible to Kalle and Linnea themselves in MyKanta.

Last updated 8.3.2023