Who can see my data?

Who can see my data?

Your prescription and medical records may be handled by professionals like a doctor, community nurse or pharmacist in a treatment or service situation, such as at the surgery or when collecting medicines. My Kanta Pages shows where your records have been handled.

Information entered in the Kanta Services may only be handled by healthcare professionals. Access to the records is subject to user rights appropriate to the position. Additional requirements for viewing the records are a treatment or client relationship and the patient’s consent.

Who can handle my prescription details?

Your prescription data can be processed only by persons working in social welfare and healthcare services and pharmacies who have a smart card granted by a healthcare certification service provider and access rights to the data in accordance with their duties.

Your prescriptions may be viewed for example in the following situations

  • A doctor can view the prescriptions they have themselves issued.
  • At the pharmacy, the person dispensing the drugs may view the prescriptions when the drugs are collected.
  • A doctor or nurse treating you may view your prescriptions with your verbal consent.
  • A professional working in social welfare and healthcare services can view your prescriptions if ensuring the continuity of medication management is part of their job description.
  • A member of technical staff can view the prescription data if it is necessary in order to resolve a technical problem.

Without your consent, a doctor may only view your records in an emergency.

In My Kanta Pages, you can refuse consent for other doctors and pharmacies to access your prescription details. In this case, remember that you can only get your medicines from the pharmacy by showing the patient instruction sheet or a summary printout of your prescriptions.

However, if a doctor prescribes CNS drugs or narcotics for you, they will then be able to view the prescriptions for other similar drugs.

Who is allowed to handle my medical records?

The Patient Data Repository, or your medical records, is only accessible to persons employed in the healthcare services who have a professional card granted by the healthcare certification provider and user rights to the records in the Patient Data Repository, appropriate to their position.

Disclosure of information between healthcare units always requires a treatment relationship and the patient’s consent.

Principles of handling medical records

  • Disclosure of information to other healthcare operators requires your consent. In the case of data entered in Common Registers, informing is classed as consent. Read more on the Common Register on the page 'Patient's rights'.
  • A consent is valid until further notice and covers all medical records already held in the system, as well as any records entered into it later. You can restrict use of your data by refusing consent.
  • Medical records in the Patient Data Repository are accessible to the health service operator that entered them.
  • You can cancel a previously given consent or refusal at a healthcare unit or in My Kanta Pages.

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Last updated 09.06.2021