Updates in My Kanta Pages

Changes made to My Kanta Pages on 4 May 2017

  • Users can also view and browse their prescriptions that are more than 2.5 years old.
  • Information about the practitioner’s fee is shown on the prescriptions.
  • An option to print out prescription information in PDF format in a more concise format. A printout is not accepted for purchasing the medicine at a pharmacy.
  • The usability and accessibility of prescription renewals have been improved.
    • After entering the mobile number, it is no longer necessary to press OK.
    • The list of renewable prescriptions now has a sorting function.
  • The prescription disclosure information shows whether the data has been retrieved for the purpose of medicine reimbursement processing or as an emergency query.
  • In the health data, the latest time when the test data concerning the visit in question has been edited is shown in the section for the time of the list of tests shown. This makes it easier to find the latest test results.
  • A refusal document can be recorded only if changes have been made to the contents.
  • My Kanta Pages are now even more fault-tolerant than before. For example, if there is a technical fault in prescription retrieval, the service no longer logs the user out, but only disables the prescription functions until the user logs themselves out of the service.