MyKanta is a nationwide online service where you can view your health data 24/7. Gradually, MyKanta will also show your social welfare services client data. Always log in to MyKanta at

In MyKanta, you can

  • read treatment-related records
  • request a prescription renewal
  • check the results of laboratory tests and X-ray examinations
  • gradually access social welfare service client data
  • save your living will and organ donation testament
  • manage how your data are used in health care and social welfare
  • browse your wellbeing data and save your measurement results
  • save your EU digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate on your device.

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In MyKanta, you can view your public and private social welfare and health care data all in one place. You can access the data regardless of time or place. The data will be shown in the service for as long as required in accordance with the statutory retention period.

MyKanta is a nationwide online service operated by Kela’s Kanta Services. Maisa, OmaTays and SiunSote, for example, are regional services for managing your affairs.

Use of MyKanta requires a Finnish personal identity code and means of identification

You need to log in to MyKanta in order to see your data. Means of identification include

Log in securely to MyKanta

Acting on behalf of another person in MyKanta

In MyKanta, you can also act on behalf of another person, such as your child or loved one.

How to manage your affairs in MyKanta

Read more about how you can manage another person’s affairs on their behalf in MyKanta.

If there is an error in the data shown in MyKanta

If you notice an error or omission in your information, please contact the social welfare or health care unit you attended. Social welfare and health care services are responsible for recording and correcting data. For this reason, incorrect information shown in MyKanta cannot be rectified or updated by Kanta Services.

You can determine how your data are used

When you interact with a social welfare or health care services provider or MyKanta for the first time, you will receive a notification informing you about how the Kanta Services operate and how the data recorded in Kanta are used. Read more on determining how your data are used.

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Last updated 20.5.2024