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17/04/2018, Blog - Citizens

What do the Kanta services contain?

What Kanta services are there and who can use them? If you know Prescriptions, Patient Data Repository and My Kanta Pages, you have a good idea of the Kanta services.

31/10/2017, Blog - Professionals

Kanta and the Patient Data Repository as a doctor’s tool

Healthcare units save patient data from their own patient systems into the Patient Data Repository. From the Patient Data Repository, doctors and nurses can see the patient data with the patient’s consent. In My Kanta Pages, citizens can access their personal medical data saved in the Patient Data Repository.

18/08/2017, Blog - Professionals

Towards free movement of patient data

Thanks to the health, social services and regional government reform (SOTE), citizens can choose between public or private healthcare services. The Patient Data Repository in the Kanta project serves all customers.