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Where in My Kanta Pages can I see my laboratory test results?

Blog - Citizens Written on 25.06.2018 All blogs

Laboratory test results can be viewed in My Kanta Pages. Healthcare units that use Kanta Services must record test results in the Patient Data Repository, and citizens can view this data via My Kanta Pages. However, sometimes the data is not visible or it is difficult to find. Sari Ahonen, Customer Relations Manager for My Kanta Pages, answers questions concerning laboratory test results.

Log in to My Kanta Pages. Click Health records and Tests.

Where can I find my laboratory test results?

First, log in to My Kanta Pages with your online banking codes, mobile certificate or electronic ID card. Laboratory test results are shown under Terveystiedot (medical records) > Tutkimukset (tests). Select the test results according to the date. If the results are not shown under the day when the test was carried out, please view other dates as well. Sometimes the results may be under the date when the test referral was issued. You can also arrange visits according to the last time the test results were edited.

Has the laboratory test been booked as a continuous referral, i.e. a referral for carrying out the same tests repeatedly?  In that case all the results may be available under the date when the continuous referral was issued. Therefore, it is worth also checking older dates in My Kanta Pages. If the continuous referral was made before the healthcare unit joined Kanta Services, the results may not have been archived. In that case the doctor must reissue the referral.

Why can’t I see my laboratory test results in My Kanta Pages?

The results are not shown in My Kanta Pages if the healthcare unit where you were treated has not joined the Kanta Services. You can check which private healthcare units are using the Patient Data Repository in the online service. All public healthcare providers have joined Kanta, but a few organisations will not start archiving laboratory tests until in the near future. Check with your own healthcare unit whether they archive the laboratory test results in the Kanta service.

It is also possible that the test results have still not been recorded in My Kanta Pages. There are differences between various healthcare organisations with regard to how quickly they record data in the Kanta Services. If the medical care data is not shown in My Kanta Pages within a reasonable time, you can ask the healthcare unit where you were treated for further information. 

Another reason for the delay may be that the doctor may wish to discuss the results first with the patient. In that case the data cannot be viewed in My Kanta Pages until later.

What shall I do if the laboratory results are not shown?

Please contact the healthcare unit where you had the tests. Every healthcare unit is responsible for the data it has recorded. It will find out whether the results have definitely been recorded in the Patient Data Repository and whether the results should be shown in My Kanta Pages. If the healthcare unit is of the opinion that the data should be shown in My Kanta Pages, it will submit a request for clarification to the Kanta Services. 

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