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New Kanta Services to be available soon

Blog - Citizens Written on 22.05.2018 All blogs

Kanta Services are constantly developed, and new services will be introduced and existing ones will be expanded in the future.

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New services in the Patient Data Repository

The National archive of imaging data is one of the forthcoming services in the Patient Data Repository. Imaging data from imaging studies in DICOM format, such as X-ray and magnetic resonance images, is archived in the service. Currently, imaging data is available within each hospital district, but Kanta archiving will enable nationwide availability of the images. The National archive of imaging data in the Kanta Services will also be the final location of the images. The service is currently undergoing pilot testing.

The Patient care record (ePCR) of out-of-hospital emergency medical services (EMS), which is currently in its client testing stage, will introduce a new kind of user group to the Kanta Services. The objective is that an ePCR in EMS created in the field will be recorded in the Kanta Services as part of the patient record. An ePCR in EMS can be created, for example, in the ambulance.

Oral healthcare data will gradually also be included in the Patient Data Repository. The major operators in oral healthcare have already joined the service, and smaller dental care clinics are gradually joining up.

My Kanta Pages Personal Health Record

The Personal Health Record (PHR) is a service that will soon be available in My Kanta Pages. In the service, citizens can record their personal wellbeing data with wellbeing applications and measuring devices developed especially for this purpose. The service is being piloted together with the Omaolo service of the ODA project and the Virtual Hospital. For example, in the Omaolo service, citizens can complete questionnaires for assessing their own state of health and whether they should make an appointment with a doctor. Through the Virtual Hospital, on the other hand, citizens can, for example, measure and monitor their blood pressure data and record it in the My Kanta Pages Personal Health Record. In the future, there are plans that the healthcare services would also be able to view the data, which would expand the care pathway into electronic services.

Client data archive for social welfare services

Also client data in social welfare services will soon be available in the Kanta Services. At first, the archive will be built so that the organisations will record data in Kanta, but the data will not be shared between organisations as yet. The first pilot will start during the spring, and data will be added to the archive in stages. The client data archive for social welfare services will include, e.g. services for senior citizens, services for families with children, services for substance abusers, services for people of working age, and services for people with disabilities.

Cross-border prescriptions

In Finland, electronic prescriptions are already in the majority, and cross-border prescriptions will be tested next in a pilot project with Estonia, which will be launched in the autumn. After that, it will be possible to issue a Finnish e-prescription to Estonia, and anyone will be able to purchase prescription medication with a Finnish prescription in Estonia if they so wish. Cross-border prescriptions have previously been piloted with Sweden, and it is intended to extend e-prescriptions to Sweden during 2019.

Changes brought by the Sote reform

The Kanta Services in their current state are already a significant fundamental element in the social welfare and healthcare services in Finland. As a result of the reform in social welfare and healthcare services, it must be possible to share information between organisations, if necessary, and the Kanta Services will enable it throughout the country. However, the Sote reform will bring something new to the Kanta Services: the most significant change is related to the citizens' freedom to choose their own social and health care centre. Selection components are currently being built in My Kanta Pages, i.e. in the future it will be possible to select the social and health care centre through My Kanta Pages. The selection process will be piloted in some parts of the country already in autumn 2018.

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