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We are making a better Kanta: The prescription service operating system will be updated during the night 24–25 May 2019 between 23.00 and 07.00

Maintenance notice Written on 10.05.2019 All maintenance notices

The work will take place during the night. This way, we want to minimise any inconvenience to clients.

Start time: 24 May, time 23.00
End time: 25 May, time 07.00
Effect: The update may cause several service breaks of about 25 minutes during the night. During a service break the prescription service cannot be used. Similarly, citizens cannot view their prescription details in My Kanta Pages.
Instructions to healthcare and pharmacies
-    During service breaks, details of an electronic prescription cannot be retrieved from the Prescription Centre, nor can new electronic prescriptions be issued or entered in the Prescription Centre
-    During service breaks, prescriptions should be issued in the traditional way either on a paper prescription form or by issuing the prescription in the patient records system and printing it out for the patient. A telephone prescription is also possible. The reason for issuing a traditional prescription is "Technical reason".
-    During a service break, pharmacies dispense drugs prescribed on traditional prescriptions like they did before the electronic prescription and enter the details of the dispensed prescriptions in the Prescription Centre after the break is over.
-    Healthcare services should inform clients that on 24–25 May 2019 between 23.00 and 07.00 the prescription may be dispensed at the pharmacy, but there may be a delay at the pharmacy in entering the prescription in the Prescription Centre and its appearance in the My Kanta Pages service.   

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the update.
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Further information:
Telephone: 020 634 7787