Medical certificates in MyKanta

Medical certificates in MyKanta

In MyKanta, you can access certificates and statements that a doctor has issued for you.

MyKanta shows the medical certificates and statements that have been saved by health care services in Kanta. The certificates are shown in MyKanta under a separate page ‘Todistukset ja lausunnot’ (Medical certificates and statements).

Here’s how to find them:

Log in to MyKanta at You can identify yourself using online banking codes, for instance.

After logging in to MyKanta, select the ‘Terveystiedot’ (Health information) section in the menu and then select ‘Todistukset ja lausunnot’ (Medical certificates and statements) from the drop-down list that opens.

Log in to MyKanta

The certificate information will indicate whether the certificate has been forwarded to the authorities

A medical certificate can be transmitted electronically via the Kanta Services to Kela or to the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom), if you so request. In this case, the certificate information will indicate to whom the certificate was forwarded and when it was forwarded. Read more about forwarding medical certificates.

Why can’t I see a certificate or statement in MyKanta?

If you can’t find a certificate in MyKanta, the health care provider that treated you may not yet use Kanta to save the certificates in question. The types of certificates that health care services can save in Kanta vary from unit to unit.

Ask your doctor when the certificate they submitted will be visible in MyKanta. Sometimes there may be a slight delay in showing a certificate. If the certificate is not visible in MyKanta within a reasonable time, please contact the health care unit that treated you.

What certificates are shown in MyKanta?

The following medical certificates and statements may be shown in MyKanta:

  • Medical certificate A for sickness allowance (SV 6)
  • Medical statement B (SV 7)
  • Medical certificate D for a child’s special care allowance (SV 10)
  • Certificate for reimbursement of travel expenses (SV 67)
  • Certificate of pregnancy (SV 75)
  • Medical statement on the need for special maternity leave (SV 97)
  • Medical statement on fitness to drive (F122)
Last updated 14.6.2024