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25/03/2021, Notice - Citizens

Acting on behalf of another adult is now possible in My Kanta Pages

The everyday lives of many people will become easier as it is now possible to view the health data of another adult in My Kanta Pages. For this purpose, you need a mandate with e-authorisation. It is also possible to use the same mandate for a number of other online healthcare channels.

15/03/2021, Notice - Developers

Specifications section of has been revised

The structure of the Specifications section for system developers has been revised in autumn 2020 and spring 2021. In future, up-to-date specifications are found on the new sub-pages under each service. 

15/01/2021, Notice - Developers

Priorities of the Kanta Services in 2021 have been confirmed

Kanta is being developed in order to address the needs of healthcare and social welfare and the citizens even better than before. The priorities in 2021 include coronavirus vaccines, the Client Data Act, and the development of My Kanta Pages.

06/10/2020, Notice

Organ donation testament can be saved in My Kanta Pages

In Finland, everyone is an organ donor unless they have separately opted out. However, efforts are made to find out the wishes of the donor where possible. One can record the decision to donate in My Kanta Pages.

31/08/2020, Notice - Citizens

You can now obtain medicines in Portugal on a Finnish electronic prescription – medicines are available in Finland on Portuguese and Croatian prescriptions

Medicines are gradually becoming available on Finnish electronic prescriptions in other European countries and, similarly, in Finland on prescriptions from other countries. In Portugal, you can obtain medicines on a Finnish prescription initially from one pharmacy, with the service set to be extended to other pharmacies later.