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Roadshow presents ICT solutions enabling the health and social services reform, highlighting the key role of Kanta services

According to the bill laying out the regional government, health and social services reform, many functions which currently are the responsibility of municipalities would be transferred to the planned regional authorities. The ICT services being created for the regional authorities’ use are presented in a roadshow which will tour the regions in October and November. 

The roadshow will visit each of the regions that will be created and will feature representatives from Vimana Oy, Sotedigi Oy, the National Institute for Health and Welfare, and Kela.

According to Marjukka Turunen, director of change management at Kela, the roadshow seeks to provide answers to the questions that the regional authorities may have about the full range of ICT services introduced, such as what services will be provided by national actors and what they will be expected to build themselves.

Partnership with regional authorities

The bill tasks Kela with creating the services needed to enable the patients’ freedom of choice. This is a system that produces information which the regional authorities can use for example to direct resources where they are needed and to further improve the services. The Kanta services are a key part of the system.

Details on the roadshow programme (in Finnish).