Prescriptions and prescription renewal in MyKanta

Prescriptions and prescription renewal in MyKanta

MyKanta allows you to see your prescriptions and easily request a prescription renewal. After you request a prescription renewal in MyKanta, it will be sent to your health care service provider, where it will be processed by a doctor or, in some cases, by a nurse.

All prescriptions are issued electronically. You can view your prescriptions and print a summary of them in MyKanta.

You can request prescription renewals in MyKanta if your health care unit, such as the local health centre or a private medical clinic, accepts renewal requests made in MyKanta.

You can also request a prescription renewal at a pharmacy or by contacting health care services.

In MyKanta, in addition to your own prescriptions, you can also request a prescription renewal on behalf of your child or an adult loved one. Read more

How to request a prescription renewal in MyKanta

Log in to MyKanta at You can identify yourself using online banking codes, for instance.

Select ‘Reseptit’ (Prescriptions) and then click on the ‘Reseptien uusiminen’ (Prescription renewal) link.

Select the prescriptions you want to renew and press ‘Jatka’ (Continue).

Select a recipient for the requested renewal.

You can provide your phone number so that you receive a text message once your prescription renewal request has been processed by your health care provider.

Press ‘Jatka’ (Continue).

Check that the information you entered is correct and press ‘Lähetä’ (Submit).

You will receive a confirmation whether the renewal request was successfully submitted. When the doctor renews the prescription, they can see prescriptions prescribed by other doctors in Kanta.

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Frequently asked questions about prescription renewal

Your request for a prescription renewal must be processed by health care services within approximately eight days. During that time, a doctor or a nurse with limited rights to prescribe medication will either renew the prescription or reject the renewal request.

You will receive a text message informing you that the prescription has been renewed or rejected if you gave a phone number when you requested the renewal.

You can also monitor the status of the renewal in MyKanta:

  1. Log in to MyKanta at
  2. Select the ‘Reseptit’ (Prescriptions) page.
  3. Select the search criteria ‘Reseptit, joista on tehty uusimispyyntö’ (Prescriptions for which a renewal request has been submitted) and click on ‘Hae reseptit’ (Retrieve prescriptions).
  4. You will see information about the status of the renewal.

You can only request a prescription renewal if medicine has already been purchased with the prescription. The prescription can still be renewed for four months after the prescription has expired.

  • Prescriptions that are valid for two years can be renewed for 28 months from the date of prescription.
  • Precriptions that are valid for one year can be renewed for 16 months.

Your doctor may not renew the prescription if

  • the prescribed medication is a preparation intended to be taken as a specific course of medicine, such as antibiotics or cough medicine, and prescribing the medication requires an examination of the patient
  • the efficacy and safety of the medicine in the patient’s treatment has not been evaluated in the previous 16 months
  • the original prescription was prescribed elsewhere in health care services and the doctor does not have sufficient information on the patient’s treatment.

You cannot request a prescription renewal through MyKanta, if

  • the doctor has prohibited the renewal of the prescription
  • the prescription has been cancelled
  • the prescription is subject to dose dispensing, i.e. the pharmacy supplies the medicine to the customer dispensed into single doses.
  • an earlier renewal request for the prescription was rejected
  • the prescription was issued for purchasing medication abroad
  • the prescription is for a special permit product
  • no medicine has yet been purchased with the prescription
  • the prescription was issued for a hospital pharmacy.

These prescriptions will not appear on the list for clients to select in MyKanta at all.

A doctor or a nurse with limited rights to prescribe medication will renew the prescription. A health care professional will decide whether to accept or reject your request to renew your prescription. Renewal requests are processed at your regular health care services, such as a local health centre or a private medical clinic.

MyKanta suggests the health care units which previously issued prescriptions for you as recipients of the renewal request.

If MyKanta does not suggest a recipient, you can select one in the menu. Submit the prescription renewal request to the unit that is responsible for your care.

Note that not all units receive renewal requests via MyKanta. In such situations, it will not be possible to select the unit in the MyKanta menu. In this case, please contact the health care provider that is responsible for your care and request a prescription renewal directly.

Last updated 23.4.2024