Certificates and certificate cards

Certificates and certificate cards

Authentication certificates in social welfare and healthcare are used to reliably authenticate persons working in the sector, as well as to sign patient documents and electronic prescriptions.

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV) produces and issues smart card certificates and service certificates, which are required when using the Kanta Services.

Certificate cards

A person working in social welfare, healthcare, or a pharmacy uses a professional ID card with a certificate for identifying themselves in systems and for signing documents electronically. Use of the Kanta Services requires strong electronic identification.

A service provider or pharmacy preparing to join the Kanta Services must ensure that its personnel and, if necessary, other persons, use the necessary certificate cards.

An employee must have one of the following certificate cards for social welfare and healthcare in order to use the Kanta Services:

  • ID card for regulated professionals
  • personnel card
  • operator card.

The professional ID card is intended for regulated professionals in social welfare and healthcare or pharmacies who have a valid practice right.

The ID card for non-regulated personnel is intended for workers in social welfare and healthcare organisations who have not been granted any professional practice rights. These include, for example, office workers or information service personnel.

The operator card is intended for the non-clinical personnel of organisations that do not belong to the social welfare and healthcare sector, such as information system suppliers.

Service certificates

Service certificates are software certificates produced by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency for social welfare and healthcare service providers and pharmacies using the Kanta Services.

The parties responsible for the service provider’s or pharmacy’s IT solutions are responsible for ordering the service certificates and for ensuring their validity.

The service certificates required for the use of the Kanta Services are:

  • server certificate
  • system signature certificate.

A system signature certificate is required for the electronic signing of documents that are not signed using personal certificate cards.

Last updated 12.3.2024