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14/08/2020, Coronavirus - Citizens

Instructions for citizens on coronavirus

If you have symptoms consistent with coronavirus, you can make a symptom assessment using the Omaolo website. You can help to prevent the spread of the coronavirus by reducing contact with other people and washing your hands carefully.

06/08/2020, Notice - Professionals

Is your organisation ready for the new Client Data Act?

The Client Data Act for social welfare and healthcare services will be reformed in spring 2021. The Ministry is advising social welfare and healthcare organisations and information system suppliers to prepare themselves for rapid implementation of the Act. In the first stage, the preparations will apply to changes in data sharing.

29/05/2020, Notice - Professionals

Updates to the publication schedule for the Kanta Services

The publication schedule for the Kanta Services in 2020 has been updated. The publication schedule provides an overall view for the planning of system procurement and the development of system versions.

18/05/2020, Update on the coronavirus - Professionals

Instructions to healthcare and social welfare services concerning the coronavirus

This page contains information about instructions issued by the Mininstry of Social Affairs and Health, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and other authorities to healthcare and social welfare professionals. The page includes guidelines, e.g. concerning measures related to the treatment and prevention of a coronavirus infection and instructions for keeping patient records.