About Kelain

About Kelain

Kelain is a service that enables issuing of electronic prescriptions. It is a good alternative for private use by a doctor or dentist who is not employed by the healthcare service or who does not operate as an independent professional practitioner.

Who can use Kelain?

Kelain is primarily designed for issuing electronic prescriptions in a professional capacity (doctor, dentist).

Private use means situations where a prescription is not issued in the name of an independent professional practitioner or healthcare provider. For example, a retired doctor or dentist can deploy Kelain for their private use. Private use also includes situations where a doctor or dentist issues a prescription while off duty, e.g. for their family member. 

For patient safety reasons, the service is meant for doctors and dentists who are permanently residing in Finland and are licensed professionals authorised by Valvira to act as a licensed healthcare professional.

The use of Kelain by independent professional practitioners (without a patient data system or other similar service for issuing prescriptions) ended on 31 December 2018.

What can I do with Kelain?

With Kelain, a doctor or dentist can acknowledge information and

  • search
  • issue
  • amend
  • cancel
  • renew a prescription.

It is not possible to accept renewal requests in Kelain.

Kelain is available 24/7 at www.kelain.fi.

Free of charge

The use of Kelain is not subject to a charge. Kelain can be used only for occasional issuing of electronic prescriptions without the purpose of profit.

The principles of determining the fees and the amount of fees are provided each year in the decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Other similar information system services have also been developed for private service providers, and these are available to all social welfare and healthcare service providers.

The Kelain service is available in Finnish and Swedish


Last updated 03.01.2022