Personal Health Record

Personal Health Record

Personal Health Record is a Kanta service in which users may enter information on their wellbeing. In future users may give their consent to social and healthcare service providers for the use of the data in support of decisions concerning their health and wellbeing, as well as an aid for diagnostic purposes.

The production deployment of the first stage of PHR took place in the spring 2018. Now in this stage individual users can enter information about their wellbeing in the Kanta Personal Health Record (Kanta PHR) using wellbeing applications developed for such purpose. The pages with wellbeing-related content offer additional information about the service and a selection of latest news.

In future users will have the option of sharing their Kanta PHR data with social welfare and healthcare professionals. The criteria for applications targeting professional users cannot be finalized until the new Client Data Act has entered into force. The relevant bill is currently under review in Parliament.

Using Kanta PHR with wellbeing applications and My Kanta Pages

Users may enter and manage their wellbeing information using wellbeing applications and measuring devices developed for the purpose in Kanta PHR. They may view the data in PHR also via My Kanta Pages.

Suitable records for authorised data content are e.g.

  • various measurement information (blood pressure, respiration rate)
  • symptom assessments
  • check-ups 
  • self-treatment plans.

At the time of deployment, the user gives the application consent to process the wellbeing information entered in Kanta PHR in the way described by the application. The consent can also be withdrawn via My Kanta Pages.

Functionalities for social and healthcare professionals

In order for a social and healthcare service provider to access a user’s PHRs, the service provider must have

  • the user’s consent
  • a treatment relationship
  • a professional application authorised for PHR for the purpose.

The user has also the right to give their refusal in My Kanta Pages to social and healthcare service providers for the use of the entered data. The user can maintain their consents and refusals via My Kanta Pages and withdraw those at any time.

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Last updated 28.01.2021