Personal Health Record

Personal Health Record

Kanta Personal Health Record (Kanta PHR) is a Kanta service; a national data repository into which citizens can enter their wellbeing data. In the future, with the patient’s or client’s consent, social welfare and health care professionals may use the data to support the treatment or service relationship.

The service was deployed for first-phase production use in the spring of 2018. Citizens can save their own measurement results directly in MyKanta. It is currently possible to record weight, blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar data in the service. 

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In the future, if they wish, citizens will be able to share the wellbeing data that they have saved in the Kanta PHR with social welfare and health care professionals. 

Preparation of the requirements for professional use and professional applications will proceed with the entry into force of the new Act on the Electronic Processing of Client Data in Health Care and Social Welfare. Pursuant to the new Client Data Act, the transition period is set to end on 1 January 2026, by which time the Kanta Services must have the capability to make wellbeing data from the Kanta PHR available to social welfare and health care service providers.

Functionalities for healthcare and social welfare professionals

In order for a social welfare or health care provider to view information stored by a citizen in the Kanta PHR, the provider must have:

  • the citizen’s consent
  • a treatment relationship or context for processing
  • access to a professional application approved for the Kanta PHR.
Last updated 12.2.2024