Patient data in MyKanta

Patient data in MyKanta

Citizens can use MyKanta to view their patient data stored by health care services, such as laboratory test results and vaccination data.

Citizens can view in MyKanta patient data stored by a health care professional in the Patient Data Repository in the Kanta Services. The data can be viewed beginning from the date on which the health care service provider joined Kanta. 

What type of patient data can users view in My Kanta?

MyKanta can be used to access almost all outpatient data. For inpatient care, patients can only view a summary of the stored treatment data.

It is not yet possible for all patient information systems to store all patient data in Kanta. It is therefore possible that, for example, a certain doctor's statement or records of imaging examinations are not visible to the user in MyKanta. 

The recording method affects how the data is displayed in MyKanta

All patient data stored in Kanta are displayed in the Medical records section of My Kanta by service event. These events are known as Appointments in MyKanta.

Some of the data are also visible in MyKanta in their own sections in the Medical records section. These include, for example, vaccinations, records of imaging examinations and doctor's statements. In order for the data appear in its own section, the health care provider must be able to save it in Kanta in a certain format. 

There may be a delay in the display of data in MyKanta

If necessary, a professional can delay the display of data in MyKanta if there are justifiable grounds to do so. The need for a delay is always assessed by a professional on a case-by-case basis. Organisations also often have their own policies for which data is delayed and for how long.  

Incorrect information will be corrected by health care services

Any errors or omissions in health information in MyKanta will be corrected by the health care unit where the data was recorded. In this situation, clients are advised to contact the organisation's data protection officer, for example. Please read the instructions on correcting incorrect information.

Organ donation testament and living will in MyKanta

Patients can store declarations of intent regarding their care in MyKanta. These declarations of intent include living wills and organ donation testaments. These are stored in the Patient Data Repository, where they can be accessed by health care providers.

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Last updated 3.6.2024