Electronic prescription in the healthcare system

Electronic prescription in the healthcare system

The electronic prescription makes the work of healthcare professionals easier. When the patients' prescription details are available as a basis of their treatment, it speeds up the professionals' work and helps in the management of their overall medication.

All prescriptions must be issued electronically. A prescription may be issued in paper format only during disruptions and in exceptional situations. The pharmacy will record the paper prescription in the Prescription Centre in connection with dispensing it.

The prescription issuer logs into the electronic prescription service using a professional card issued by the healthcare certification provider. The card is used to verify the prescriber's identity, as well as his right to prescribe drugs. At the same time, the patient records system checks Valvira's records for possible restrictions of prescriber's rights.

Electronic prescriptions are written in the patient records system and signed electronically using the professional card issued by the healthcare certificate provider. The patient records database sends the prescription to the Prescription Centre. Instead of a prescription, the patient receives a patient instruction sheet that contains the same information as the prescription.

Last updated 10.04.2019