Kanta Personal Health Record

Kanta Personal Health Record

Kanta PHR is used with wellbeing applications.

Kanta Personal Health Record (Kanta PHR) is a Kanta service for monitoring your own wellbeing. You can use Kanta PHR for recording your own wellbeing data. 

The use of Kanta PHR is in trial phase and the use will be expanded in stages. Brief interruptions may occur during the trial phase. Currently the data is for your personal use only. In the future with the progress of legislation you can give your consent to share your wellbeing data with social welfare and healthcare professionals. Service providers in the social welfare and healthcare sector must use a certified application for viewing the wellbeing information in addition to having a care or service relationship with yourself.

For the time being, Kanta PHR can only be used by persons aged 16 or over. The situation may change after the new Client Data Act has entered into force.

Kanta PHR is used with wellbeing applications

Kanta PHR is used with wellbeing applications provided by third parties and approved by the Kanta Services. The wellbeing application may either be an app used in a mobile device (smartphone, tablet), a server-based application used on a computer, e.g. the symptom assessment questionnaire, which is completed in the web browser, or another software, service or program used on the internet.

The wellbeing applications can be used for recording information in Kanta PHR and for processing the wellbeing data in the service. The information from measurement devices, e.g. blood glucose or activity meter, is usually transferred into Kanta PHR using the application provided by the device supplier. New data is updated into Kanta PHR from the application every hour. Up-to-date information about wellbeing applications is available on the application list.

The user takes Kanta PHR into use by granting the wellbeing applications access rights to Kanta PHR and to the data saved by the user in the service. You must also accept the terms of use (pdf) for Kanta PHR and agree to comply with the terms at the same time. Read more about the service description (pdf).

View your wellbeing data in Kanta PHR

You can also view and delete data in Kanta PHR via My Kanta Pages of the Kanta Services. In My Kanta Pages, you can see all the applications for which you have given access rights to Kanta PHR and, if you wish, you can remove the access rights of applications. Data entered with applications cannot necessarily be viewed in My Kanta Pages immediately as there may be application-specific delays in data input in Kanta PHR.

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Last updated 22.12.2020

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