Acting on behalf of an adult

Acting on behalf of an adult

An adult and fully authorised person may act on behalf of another adult in My Kanta Pages, provided that they have been granted a mandate.

The assignee is given almost the same rights to act in My Kanta Pages as the assignor of the mandate themselves. They can, for example, request to renew a prescription and view the results of laboratory tests or information about healthcare appointments.

However, the assignee cannot process organ donation testaments, living wills or wellbeing data entered in My Kanta Pages. 

For example, an elderly person, a person who is temporarily ill, or a person who finds it difficult to use a new service may need someone to act on their behalf.

Some restrictions still apply

For the time being, guardians cannot act on behalf of an adult principal in My Kanta Pages. Moreover, a person who does not have means of electronic authentication cannot grant the mandate. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency is currently investigating how to grant a mandate in these cases. 

Other health-related matters can also be managed with one mandate

In My Kanta Pages, it is possible to act on behalf of another adult with the mandate “Managing matters related to healthcare” in The mandate entitles the assignee to view, notify and receive information related to the assignor’s health status in the healthcare services and to book appointments in the healthcare system on behalf of another person in various online services. 

How can I authorise another person to act on my behalf?

  1. Log into authorisations. For strong authentication, you need e.g. online banking IDs or a mobile certificate. 
  2. Enter the details of the person authorised for the service. 
  3. Select authorisation for Managing matters related to healthcare. Specify an expiration date. After reviewing the information, remember to confirm the mandate. 

For more information on granting a mandate:

How can I request a mandate for acting on someone's behalf? 

In the Web Service, you can also request a mandate from another person to access their data in My Kanta Pages. The recipient of the request must approve the request before it becomes a valid authorisation.

For more information on the mandate request:

How can I act on behalf of an adult in My Kanta Pages?

  1. For access, you need a valid authorisation. 
  2. Log into My Kanta Pages with your own IDs.
  3. Click the link 'Acting on behalf of someone else'. 
  4. Select the adult whose information you want to view. You can now act on behalf of the person. 

Grant a mandate to act on your behalf

Grant a mandate to act on your behalf

Here you can grant another person a Managing matters related to healthcare -mandate.