Delivery of Medical Certificates

Delivery of Medical Certificates

Electronic certificates and reports issued by healthcare professionals and entered into the Kanta Service can be delivered outside the health service with your consent. Ask your own healthcare provider if delivery is possible.

Delivery of medical certificates is part of the service entity whereby certificates and reports issued by healthcare professionals 

  • are created in the patient records database
  • entered into the Patient Data Repository
  • forwarded by Kanta Services, e.g. to Kela for processing benefits.   

In the future, your medical certificates can also be forwarded to other organisations electronically, in place of traditional paper certificates.

How delivery of medical certificates to Kela works

If you have so arranged with the doctor and the healthcare provider has the facility for delivering certificates outside the health service, you electronic medical certificate can be forwarded direct to Kela's benefits process. This way, you need not deliver your certificate to Kela separately. 

A medical certificate is required by Kela for approving benefits. Kela employees have no access to prescription or treatment details entered in My Kanta Pages. 

The following certificates and reports can be forwarded to Kela:

  • SV 6 Medical certificate A for sickness allowance
  • SV 7 Medical report B
  • SV 10 Medical Certificate D for special care allowance for a child
  • SV 97 Medical report on the need for special maternity leave
  • SV 75 Certificate of pregnancy or postnatal examination
  • SV 67 Certificate for reimbursement of travel expenses.

The health service can forward to Kela all the above certificates or just some of them. 

What to do: 

  • Arrange with your doctor that your certificates are to be delivered direct to Kela for processing benefits.
  • You can elect to receive a printout of any certificate forwarded to Kela. It contains confirmation of delivery to Kela.
  • You can also view the certificates sent to Kela in My Kanta Pages and Kelan asiointipalvelu (

How information is used in Traficom online service

Traficom provides an electronic service through which you can access several functions related to driving licenses. With your consent, the service can retrieve the required information on your fitness to drive. This is possible if the healthcare organisation has entered the form F122 'Medical report on fitness to drive' into the Kanta Patient Data Repository, e.g. using a specific form application. The report must be no more than 6 months old.

If the medical report details are not entered in the Patient Data Repository, their electronic retrieval for the Traficom service is not possible. In that case, you cannot use the Traficom electronic service, but you must use the Traficom service provider, Ajovarma. In this service, you must prove that you fulfil the health requirements for driving with a paper medical report on fitness to drive (F122) issued by a doctor. 

What to do: 

  • Before going to the doctor's surgery, check with your healthcare unit that it can enter the form 'Medical report on fitness to drive' (F122) into the Kanta Services Patient Data Repository. 
  • Arrange with your doctor that the report will be entered into the Kanta Patient Data Repository.
  • You can elect to receive a printout of the report. 
  • You can check whether the report is shown in My Kanta Pages (in the health records under “Medical certificates and reports”). If it is shown there, the information in the report can also be used in the Traficom online service.
  • Log into the Traficom service and follow the instructions. With your consent, the service will retrieve the information required for fitness to drive from the form. 
  • Subsequently,  My Kanta Pages shows that Traficom has used information from the report. 

Last updated 27.08.2020