Delivery of Medical Certificates

Delivery of Medical Certificates

Electronic certificates and reports issued by healthcare professionals and entered into the Kanta Service can be delivered outside the health service at your request. Ask your own healthcare provider if delivery is possible.

Delivery of medical certificates is part of the service entity whereby certificates and reports issued by healthcare professionals

  • are created in the patient records database
  • entered into the Patient Data Repository
  • forwarded by Kanta Services, e.g. to Kela for processing benefits.

In the future, your medical certificates can also be forwarded to other organisations electronically, in place of traditional paper certificates.

Delivery of medical certificates to Kela

If you have so arranged with the doctor and the healthcare provider has the facility for delivering certificates outside the health service, you electronic medical certificate can be forwarded direct to Kela's benefits process. This way, you need not deliver your certificate to Kela separately.

A medical certificate is required by Kela for approving benefits. Kela employees have no access to prescription or treatment details entered in MyKanta.

The following certificates and reports can be forwarded to Kela:

  • SV 6 Medical certificate A for sickness allowance
  • SV 7 Medical report B
  • SV 10 Medical Certificate D for special care allowance for a child
  • SV 97 Medical report on the need for special maternity leave
  • SV 75 Certificate of pregnancy or postnatal examination
  • SV 67 Certificate for reimbursement of travel expenses.

The health service can forward to Kela all the above certificates or just some of them.

What to do: 

  • Arrange with your doctor that your certificates are to be delivered direct to Kela for processing benefits.
  • You can elect to receive a printout of any certificate forwarded to Kela. It contains confirmation of delivery to Kela.
  • You can also view the certificates sent to Kela in MyKanta and OmaKela (

Use of driving health data in Traficom

Traficom provides an electronic service where you can manage a number of matters related to driving licences. The information on the medical report on fitness to drive (form F122) can be utilised electronically in Traficom’s e-services or at an Ajovarma office.

In order to be able to use the data on fitness to drive electronically, it is not enough if it has been entered only in the patient data. To be able to use the data electronically, the medical report on fitness to drive form must have been entered in the Kanta Services

  • with a form app
  • by other technical means.

The healthcare patient data system must have the technical capacity for it. The report must have been issued within the past 6 months.

Please note that the service is not yet used by all healthcare units.

How to find out whether you can utilise the data in a medical report electronically:

  • Please check with your healthcare unit whether it can enter the medical report on fitness to drive (form F122) in the Kanta Services.
  • If it is possible to enter the form in the Kanta Services, please agree with your doctor on entering it in the service. This will ensure that the data in the report can be utilised electronically when you are using Traficom’s services.
  • You will also receive a printout of the form, if you so wish.
  • You can check whether the report form can be viewed in the Health Data in MyKanta under “Medical certificates and reports”. The information in the report can be utilised electronically in Traficom if the form appears under Medical certificates and reports. Additionally, the reason given for the report must be “Issued to client by doctor” with the qualifier “For driving licence application and renewal” and/or “Extended medical report”.
  • If it is not possible to enter the form in the Kanta Services, its data cannot be utilised electronically. In that case, please ask your doctor for a paper copy of the medical report on fitness to drive (form F122). With the medical report, you can prove that you have met the requirements for fitness to drive when visiting an office of Ajovarma, which is a service provider for Traficom.

If the report can be utilised electronically:

  • Log in to Traficom’s e-services ( and follow the instructions. At your request, the e-services will retrieve electronically the conclusion data that is required for fitness to drive.
  • You can also visit an Ajovarma office where your fitness to drive data can be retrieved electronically from the Kanta Services at your request.
  • At a later date, you will see in MyKanta that Traficom has used the conclusion data of the medical report.
Last updated 26.9.2023